Gifts for the DIYer in Your Life

Gift giving is hard. Gone are the days when a festively wrapped fruitcake or lump of coal made someone’s holiday bright. People are picky nowadays. They want stuff. Cool, gadgety stuff with blinky lights and batteries (not included). The gift giver is left wandering aimlessly around the mall, puzzling on what will delight that special someone in their life.

Have no fear, the Little House is here to help you regain your gift-giving confidence! Here’s six fool-proof suggestions for the picky DIYer in your life!

Gifts for DIYer - Little House. Big Heart.

1. When in doubt (or pinched on time), home improvement gift cards (like these from Home Depot and Lowes) make great gifts, especially when you’re like us and visit Home Depot so often the people who work there know you by name (and know your dogs by name and keep treats in their aprons on Saturdays because they know the puppies will be coming in… true story).

2. My Singer Simple 2263 was one of the best gifts I’ve been given. No sewing machine is without its frustrations, but this model has definitely served my purpose as a novice seamstress without too many confusing frills. Not only have I been able to make pillows and curtains for my bedroom, but I have also had the opportunity to use my mechanical engineering degree figuring out how to thread the danged sewing machine. On the upside, $100 isn’t bad for an entry level machine.

3. If you have ever tried to hang crown molding with a hammer and nails you will know why this gift is an essential for any DIYer. Kevin and I got this Craftsman Evolv Pancake Compressor and Nail Gun as a wedding gift (we had a “man registry”) and we love it. It’s small enough that we can bring it in the house for hanging molding and the like, but powerful enough to do the job. Plus, it does wonders on bicycle tires and anything covered in sawdust (like your husband). And at only $70 it won’t break the bank.

4. Another manly-ish gift, this 20V Lithium Ion battery Dewalt Drill makes my heart go pitter patter. We’ve used our current Black and Decker drill so much in the last two years that it barely holds a charge. This puppy charges faster than old battery packs, packs more of a punch, and is a nice mustardy yellow. Plus, it’s lighter, meaning that it’s a little easier for us ladies to wield. At $199 it’s the most expensive gift on our list, but it comes with two batteries, a charger, and cute man purse/carrying case.

5. If you’re poor in money but rich in physical prowess, try giving your time to your favorite DIYers. Most could use a helping hand now and then and a free day’s labor (busting out a concrete hot tub?!? grading a backyard by hand?!) is worth it’s weight in gold.

6. Let’s face it: accidents happen. If they didn’t they’d call us professionals, not DIYers. That’s why a nice first aid kit just might come in handy one day (like when you get stabbed by your concrete hot tub’s rebar or get a blister from your putty knife).

What are you getting the DIYer in your life? Kevin and I got each other our professional hot tub removal.


7 thoughts on “Gifts for the DIYer in Your Life

  1. Perfect post! Matt was looking for an EXACT thing to get me and not just “nail gun” or 12″ sliding miter saw. I can just forward him one or 2 things from your list!!! Hope you’re getting ready for a Merry Christmas =)

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