Pantry Envy

When we moved into the Little House back in April 2011, I was in love with so many parts of the house. The fireplace, the crown molding, the original hardwoods… and the pantry. It may seem like a small thing to get excited about, but I’ve never had a proper pantry before. In college, I had an old wheeled TV stand turned mobile pantry. In our first apartment, we had a broom closet/coat closet/utility closet/pantry.

In both cases, my little “pantries” were meticulously organized. When you don’t have much space, you have to make the most of it (as we know all too well with the Little House). Our little pantries had been neat and well organized; our new, bigger pantry would be even neater and more organized. Labels. Rows. Hangy things on the door.

Yeah. Right.

The Pantry ii

The Pantry

It’s a disaster zone.  When I was making yesterday’s Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap cookies, I couldn’t find the flour. Or the sugar. Or the vanilla. It’s reached a point where I just can’t take it anymore.

The pantry’s gonna get it.

And hopefully, it’ll look like this.

I love how accessible and organized this pantry is (by Jen @ The Social Home). Everything is labeled, open, and clearly visible…. everything our pantry isn’t. Plus, she used all dollar store containers that cost under $50!


Pantry Organization - The Social Home


I also love how Ashli @ Mini Manor Blog organized her taters and onions. Ours currently live under the kitchen sink because there’s not enough room in the pantry. I know, something’s not right with that.


Pantry Organization - Mini Manor Blog


I also really love the idea of chalkboard paint labels on everything so that a container can be used for multiple things, like Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust did here. And do you love the stenciling? We can’t stencil because of our textured walls, but we could paint the blah walls a fun color… like tomato red?!

Pantry Organization - Faith Trust & Pixie Dust

What does your pantry look like? Do you have any awesome organizational tricks? Would you ever paint your pantry tomato red?


19 thoughts on “Pantry Envy

  1. Well, now I have pantry envy too! Thanks. 😉 We’re currently rocking the coat closet/pantry/broom closet/cleaning supplies/gift wrap station/everything closet in our little apartment. Someday I dream of having a separate space for each of those things!

  2. Oh I wish I had a pantry! We’re thinking of building one into a wall… it would jut out into the garage (which is adjacent to the kitchen) and only be a few feet wide, but it would be better than using my cabinets as pantry storage.

    Whenever I’m feeling down on my kitchen, I read Smitten Kitchen’s “How to Max Out Your Tiny Kitchen” and I feel a lot better. I mean, my kitchen is massive compared to hers, and she’s awesome!

  3. We have a pantry and I’m not sure it’ll ever look as nice as these! We do have glass jars that I fill up with things like flour, sugar, or quinoa so that makes me feel fancy…. but I did just drop the top of one glass jar so that wasn’t fun 😡 I’ll have to check out my local dollar store for some containers!

  4. I know you can make yours just as fab!! Can’t wait to see your finished product. I don’t have a pantry, but I do have 2 linen closets…so I’ll take what I can get haha. I just did a major organization session of those closets, plus a 2nd closet in our bedroom, and of all our kitchen cabinets before Thanksgiving. It was so theraputic!

  5. Now I have pantry envy too! We don’t even have a pantry so that’s not too hard, but still. I love the tip about buying containers at the dollar store, because those really add up.

  6. Yeah – no pantry here. We had a nice sized one at our old house, and here wee just have kitchen cupboards and ugh – they are disaster zone. My husband is apparently physically unable to put things back where the found them – I dont understand it…I never will…but it is so much more pronounced now that we have such a cramped space to store everything.

    • I understand that! Kevin thinks he has a better idea on how things should be organized… except that his ideas make no sense and the I can’t find anything when I’m cooking.

      But then again, the man is unloading the dishwasher without asking… who am I to complain?

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