A Little Garden Update: 12.10.12

Kevin and I both grew up gardening with our families. Sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans… we grew it all. That’s why when we decided to grow a little garden in the back yard of our very first home. We built a raised garden bed we designed ourselves, planted early, watered often, and waited. The Little Garden grew. It was green and leafy and gorgeous.

The Little Garden

But the Little Garden, she never produced. Between monster hail storms and the hot Texas summer, the weather was just too harsh.

That is until December. We’ve had two weeks in the mid-70s and low 80s and the plants are loving it.

Since March, we’ve got one (rotten, bug infested) tomato off the vine. Currently, we have eight baby tomatoes hanging out and countless delicate yellow flowers.

Winter Tomato Flowers - Little House. Big Heart.

Winter Tomatoes - Little House. Big Heart.

The straightneck yellow squash that threatened to take over the entire garden back in May is finally making little baby squashes.

Summer Squash - Little House. Big Heart.

And our faithful peppers are going as well as ever. We’re getting more jalapenos, bell, and poblano peppers than we have all season.

Winter Poblano Peppers - Little House. Big Heart.

Winter Jalapeno - Little House. Big Heart.

We’re in a cold snap right now (as in we had a blizzard yesterday morning… or just a light dusting), so we’re being very careful to tuck our babies in each night with some nice, warm blankies.

Winter Garden - Little House. Big Heart.

I had intended to clean out the garden this weekend and winterize it, but since I discovered all these veggies, I decided the clearing out can wait. This has got me very excited for spring planting! Come on, February! Mama needs some baby spinach!

Have you discovered any veggies holding on into the winter? What would you be growing right now, if you could grow anything?


9 thoughts on “A Little Garden Update: 12.10.12

    • I can’t imagine snow! We got a light, light dusting Monday morning (didn’t stick to anything but roofs and cars) and everyone was out taking pictures and wearing snow boots and wondering if the roads were passable 🙂

  1. go figure they start producing now!!

    Not veggies – but now my mums are blooming and my parsley is out of control. I mean…we have 4 inches of show a few weeks ago – and I didnt do anything for the plants…so seriously – what is happening?

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