Houston, We Have a Backyard.

Way back in March when we started our backyard project we had a clear plan:

1. Tear down the bar.
2. Bust up the concrete.
3. Tear down Structure #2.
4. Bust out the giant dead hot tub.
5. Build new crushed granite patio.
6. Throw big backyard party.

By fall at the latest we’d be sitting on the patio sipping on a cold one, kicked back and enjoying the fruits of our labor (here’s a refresher if you’re unfamiliar with our little project).

Well, fall’s gone. We’re two weeks from the first day of winter and we’re no where near done with the backyard. That’s why, after some honesty and hard reality checks, we decided we needed to call in the reinforcements. That’s right, we brought in the professionals.

And wow. I don’t know why we didn’t give in weeks before. These guys were machines.

We started with a giant, concrete hot tub smack dab in the middle of our backyard, partly demoed by the guys a few weeks ago.

LHBH Backyard Demo

After only five hours of hard work…





…we were here.

Little Backyard Sans Hot Tub

We have a yard, people! And it’s huge! Seriously… click on the panorama below. We honestly can’t believe this is our yard!

photo 2

Kev and I learned a valuable lesson this week: sometimes it’s best to admit defeat and call in the cavalry. It took two professionals less than five hours to do what a couple of DIYers hadn’t completed in nine months. We won’t be calling in the pros on every job, but from now on, we’re going to try to admit when we need help. And hopefully it won’t take nine months this time!


25 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Backyard.

  1. It looks awesome! I think that’s an important lesson, definitely. We asked for professional help when we moved the washer installation from the kitchen to the patio, but we called in a friend who does plumbing jobs. Also, my uncle owns a glass shop and gifted us & installed our shower surround, and we also have a friend who studied to be an electrician and has helped us a couple of times.

  2. Oh my gosh! It looks HUGE back there! How nice to have it all out of there, so you can get to the fun part of putting the patio in! Sometimes the prep work can feel endless, so I’m so happy for you that it’s done!!!

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