O, (Pinecone) Christmas Tree

Easy Glitter Spray Paint Pine Cone Trees

When Kevin and I went to Florida a few weeks ago for his sister’s wedding, we brought more than the black plague home with us. We also brought two gigantic pine cones (that may or may not have been obtained via trespassing and theft) back in our carry-on bags.


After browsing Pinterest for good pine coney ideas, I settled on glitter spray painting them. How awesome is glitter spray paint, anyway?! It combines two of my favorite things into one little $4.99 can!

Glitter Spray Paint

After picking off a few of the bottom scales of the pine cone so that they’d sit flat, we took them out back for a quick spray with the glitter paint. Turns out my hubs is too cool to run up and down the alley turning on all the neighbor’s security lights (like I did here), so Kevin had to hold the flashlight (and take photos) while I sprayed the little guys down.

Spray Painted Pine Cone


After a day long cure in the garage, we brought them inside and decked them out with their own glittery stars. Don’t our deer look like they’re really at home in their pine cone forest?

Glitter Pine Cone Trees

That photo doesn’t do them justice. They’re way more glittery in person.

Glitter Pine Cone

This is our first Christmas craft of the year and I have to say I love how they turned out! Have you done any Christmas crafting so far this season? Have you even trespassed on your in-law’s neighbor’s yard to steal giant pine cones?


8 thoughts on “O, (Pinecone) Christmas Tree

  1. So cute! The pine trees that I hate in our front yard produces the prettiest (and weirdly shaped) pine cones and I had plans of doing something similar. They sadly fell apart very quickly, so it was a no go, so I’m going to live vicariously through yours! Looks great!

  2. Love them! I was thinking of doing the same thing, but like Ashley said, couldn’t find any laying around. yours turned out adorable!!!

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