O, Christmas Tree 2012

Since Black Friday was pretty chilly here in Dallas (I know 60 isn’t really chilly, but it sure feels that way to us!), Kev and I took the opportunity to put up our tree and mantel decorations.

Kevin is a master tree-putter-upper. We opted to go with an artificial tree for one more year, not because we hope the kids will be less induced to mutilate a fake tree (unlikely) or because we’d like to get one more year’s worth of our money out of this one. In truth, we simply forgot we wanted a real tree until we’d already put up our artificial one. By that time the lights were on we were too lazy to take them all off again, take the fake tree down, go get a real one, and put lights on it.

Once the tree was up, we added lights (1200!) and I climbed up on my high horse to add our topper. In lieu of the traditional angel or star, we opt for a more artistic topper. I used picks from the floral department at Hobby Lobby to create a fountain-y effect.

We decorated the mantel with a simple lighted garland and some Christmas bulbs hung from plum ribbon.

With the lights down low, the room is absolutely gorgeous.

Next up is the dining room table scape! Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done sometime this this week.

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? Did you go real or fake? Are your stockings hung by the chimney with care?


15 thoughts on “O, Christmas Tree 2012

  1. It looks so pretty!! I can’t wait to break out our tree and lights (this weekend)! I really love what you did with your mantel!! We use a fake tree too- we might go real when we start a family (we had real trees when I was growing up) but for now we’re happy to use our fake one.

  2. It looks great and I am loving your mantel. I am still trying to figure out how I want to decorate mine. We are a fake tree family and I am so excited that this year we have updated to 7′ tall full tree. Our previous one looked more Charlie Brownish! It’s so much fun seeing everyone’s decorations here in blogland.

  3. gorgeous!! I have to admit, I’m a firm real tree believer. I can’t say that I am not tempted to get a fake one every year because of ease…but you honestly just cannot beat the smell of a real tree. Your house smells like christmas pine…it’s just a scent that I can’t picture christmas without!!

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