Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lights

Is it really Monday already?! I was just getting used to the idea of a four-day weekend when suddenly it’s over and Smack! It’s Monday. Makes me anxious for retirement- only something like 35 years to go!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did here at the Little House. Since we weren’t able to get together with any of our family, we had some close friends over for a mini Thanksgiving feast, a bottle of wine or four, and some heated Mario Cart racing on the Wii.

It took most of Friday to recover from the turkey hangover, but we spent the rest of the weekend getting the Little House ready for Christmas. Saturday was chilly (only 60 degrees!), so we spent it inside with a crackling fire, some hot cider, and our Christmas tree (we’ll be back tomorrow with a few pics).

Thankfully, Sunday’s weather was gorgeous and we were able to get outside, mow the yard (yes, we’re still mowing in November), and hang our lights. This year, we went with white incandescent C9 bulbs on the house. We hand planned on going with LEDs, but after visiting four sold out stores, we gave up and went with the old stand-bys.

We only lined the peaks along the front of the Little House this year, opting to wait and add to our light collection as time goes on. Kevin eeked it out to the edge of the roof to attach the light clips to the edges of the house too high to reach with a ladder. The entire time he was up there I had the strange desire to shout “Romeo, Romeo, let down your hair!” I know. It doesn’t make any sense to me either. I’ve been on a strict cough syrup regimen all weekend, so I blame it on that.

I did happen to notice in the midst of all the Christmas-ifying that there are a few parts of the Little House in desperate need of a paint job. Like our eves and siding. Maybe.

Fievel enjoyed watching us from the comfort of his window perch behind the Christmas tree.

We also decided to wrap the (gorgeous, hugemongous, awesomesauce) live oak in our front yard in white mini lights. Fortunately, the hubs is an electrical engineer and made sure we didn’t string too many light strings together. I didn’t even know it was possible to do that.

Thanks to day light savings time, it’s getting dark here around 5 o’clock. That meant that by the time we got the lights on the house, it was pretty much dark- which would be a deal breaker for almost all outside jobs… except for hanging lights. It also meant we got to play with some crazy long exposure times on our camera. This first shot is Kevin wrapping the base of the tree.

This one is both of us, wrapping above our heads. It was a thirty second exposure set at f4.0 and ISO 200. It was pitch black outside (or as near to it as you can get in almost-downtown-Dallas).

The result is gorgeous. We love the white lights along the ridge line of the house and how our live oak is highlighted. We’d like to wrap our little oak tree on the right side of the yard as well, but didn’t have enough lights this time. Maybe next year.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you get any decorating done? Have you played with long exposure times on your camera before?


20 thoughts on “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lights

  1. Looks SO nice!!! I got out on my own and got the lights up cause when I make up my mind I just do it. Makes it hard to work around someone else’s schedule.

    I gotta say that we invested minorly in the LED world. Starting out small and hoping to catch after-Christmas sales. Maybe you should try sneaking out to smaller towns outside Dallas? That’s how we always do Black Friday!

  2. tree wrapping always looks so pretty… we did our porch, and the christmas tree sits in front of the window, so that’s festive, but we have 4 pretty branch-ey trees that i really wanna get to that line the road in front of our house. i love the old school bulbs — stick with em. that yellow golden light is totally classic. happy holiday season!

  3. The photo of you guys on the move is awesome! The lights look pretty. We hope to put ours out this weekend because it is supposed to be a WARM 60 degrees in Chicago! Everyone is going to outside this weekend because of the unseasonably warm weather 😉

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