Handyman Wednesday #10: C’est Vendredi Noir 2012! (It’s Black Friday 2012!)

Hi everyone!  Today LHBH is thankful for the internet.  Without it, we wouldn’t be able to get directions on our phones, couldn’t order an Otterbox Defender from Amazon for $20 (I just ordered my iPhone 5), and most of all, wouldn’t have met most of our awesome readers like you!

Today, I’m going to have a list of Black Friday Awesomeness.  There will be 2 catagories: Gifts for you, and Gifts for your man.  Check it out below!


Gifts for you

1. Z-Gallery

2. Michaels: Open Thanksgiving at 4PM, Black Friday at 7AM

3. Jo-Ann Fabric: Opens at 6AM Black Friday

4. Petsmart: Opens at 7AM Black Friday

5. Christmas Tree Shop


Gifts for your man

1. Sears: Open 8pm Thanksgiving; doorbusters start 4am Black Friday

2. Home Depot: Open 5AM Black Friday

3. Lowes: Open 5AM Black Friday

4. Radio Shack: Just look online, no need to get in line here

5. Best Buy: Opens 12AM Thursday Night/ Friday Morning

6. Target:  Opens at 9PM Thanksgiving Day

7. Bass Pro Shop:  Opens 6AM Black Friday

8. Cabela’s: Opens 5AM Black Friday

9. Menards: Opens 5AM Black Friday

10. Dicks Sporting Goods: Opens at Midnight Black Fiday

11. Gander Mountain: Opens at 9PM Thanksgiving Day


Themed Deals Courtesy of our friends at TheBlackFriday.





Shoutout to Slickdeals for probably the easiest to comprehend list of great deals.  Slickdeals.net is my most visited site on the internet.  Watch out though, you’ll find deals too good to pass up and end up spending $$$! It’s awesome!!!


Warning: I’ve heard rumors of Walmart employees walking out on Black Friday.  I’m sure these are only rumors, but if it happens, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I know I’ve left out a bunch of stores, so tell us where you’ll be spending Black Friday (and what time they open). Good luck shopping!  Also, don’t forget about Cyber Monday!!!  Next Monday all the HOT deals come online.


3 thoughts on “Handyman Wednesday #10: C’est Vendredi Noir 2012! (It’s Black Friday 2012!)

  1. Aah! So jealous! I was planning on buying an iPhone (my cell phone is 10 years old, and sadly, I’m not exaggerating one bit) but since my wallet disappeared in Portland we no longer have the budget for it. So sad. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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