Cones of Shame

We’re home! Kevin’s sister Megan had a beautiful wedding at an incredible bed and breakfast overlooking the Manatee River in Palmetto, Florida.


We just landed in Dallas (half this post was written on the plane while waiting on our gate to open up) and found a couple of stowaways in my bag.


They’re huge pine cones… Almost eight inches long if I had to guess. I’ve been wanting to find a couple good ones for a while now, but had’t seen any I liked until we found these in Kevin’s parent’s neighbor’s yard. Of course, now that I’ve transported them across state lines I’m not sure what to do with them.

While waiting for our luggage this morning, I browsed Pinterest and found some likely candidates.

I love these spray painted specimens. They’re so bright and cheerful! Plus, you know me and spray paint…


I really like the idea of turning them into mini Christmas trees. I can just see them up on the mantel, looking adorbs.


These glittery guys are probably my favorite. I’m thinking of combining the little trees above with the glitter below because everything’s better with a little glitter, right?



What would you do with two ginormous stowaway pine cones? Have you ever sent your significant other on a secret mission in the dark to collect debris out of a neighbor’s yard so you could glitter/paint it?


9 thoughts on “Cones of Shame

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