Majoring in Anthropologie

Today, I’m thankful for coffee. I really needed you this morning, my old friend, and you came through for me just like you always do. So, thanks.


While our husbands were wielding reciprocating saws and jackhammers, the ladies of our Sunday School class and I headed out to get some serious shopping done. We spent the early afternoon shopping in gorgeous downtown McKinney, then headed back south to our local mall where we hit up one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.

The first thing I saw when we walked in the door were these adorable ceramic berry baskets and egg cartons. They were too cute.

I may have even ended up with one for our bedroom. I mean, they came in coral! I had to get one.

I also fell in love with this antler tureen. Wouldn’t it be wonderful filled with any old soup roasted pumpkin bisque for Christmas dinner?

This apron made me think of Annabel Vita! We had recently talked about me making an apron as a gateway into sewing clothes. Wouldn’t this make a great first try? I love the whimsical frills at the top and the overall shape doesn’t look that complicated.

I fully intended to go back and bring this big metal B home with me along with my coral egg carton, but alas, I forgot. I might pop in next time I’m in the mall and pick it up though! It was actually pretty weighty and would be awesome as a bookend. Plus I think it was only around $15, which is pretty good for Anthropologie standards.

By far my favorite find of the day was this watercolor lampshade. It was a little too expensive (around $50), but got my little DIY mind a-turnin’. I can see a trip to a thrift store in search of a white drum shade in my near future.

And like most stores, Anthropologie has their Christmas decor out in force. I love this little squirrel nutcracker. Isn’t he fun? I think he’d live on my mantel if he came home with me.

Last but not least, were these ornaments. I’ve loved the feather ones for a while now (I’ve seem them elsewhere) and I’ve seen the tinsel ones on Pinterest. Wouldn’t they make great inexpensive gifts for neighbors, teachers, and the like?

Where are your favorite stores to shop for accessories? Do you see DIY projects wherever you go? Has anyone started to decorate for Christmas yet? My sister has her tree up already!!


6 thoughts on “Majoring in Anthropologie

  1. That’s a gorgeous apron! I love Anthropologie, but luckily for my wallet the only British ones are in London so I can’t pop in and spend all my money anymore! (I have got some great sale finds from them though…)

  2. I LOVE those feather ornaments! I just might be making a few of those.

    My craft buddy Shannon already has her tree up (no decorations yet). Mine will go up next week since I’m taking the whole week off. I HAVE been Christmas crafting though and my front door piece is almost complete! You can tell by the glitter which has begun to spread all over the house…

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