Let’s Make a Date: Fifteen Competely Free Date Ideas

Today, I’m thankful for Dallas’ weather. I’ve never been a cold-weather kind of girl and Dallas completely gets that. Today, it’s supposed to be 80. In November.


Since announcing that we were going to participate in our own version of No Spend November (after discovering we’d really, really gone over our going out and entertainment budgets), we’ve had lots of requests to share the free date ideas that we come up with.

Here’s a list of our favorite fifteen ideas. Some of these ideas we’re planning on doing. Most of them, though, are tried, tested, and Little House approved and they’re all completely free.

1. Visit a museum! Most museums have free days and many are completely free for locals. Google your city’s museums to check for free dates.

2. Tape a cooking show. Cooking something sentimental: the dessert you shared on your first date, the spaghetti he dropped the ring in, or the fish you had on the beach on your honeymoon.

3. Play high stakes version of your favorite board games. Sure, Scrabble’s fun. But Scrabble with laundry duty on the line is down right intense. Come up with with your stakes before you start and be sure to write them down so there can be no going back once the game’s over!

4. Curl up and watch your favorite movie from your childhood. You’ll likely be surprised at all the adult humor sprinkled in that you missed when you were little. For us, it’s always Lion King or Aladdin.

5. Spend the day at the park. Bring a couple of books, some snacks, and even your puppies. Leave the phones in the car and enjoy the sunshine.


6. Go window shopping! Walk around the upscale part of town and look at the homes. We love to imagine ourselves living in those huge houses with manicured lawns and gated drives. And if the living room curtains just happen to be open and we just so happen to peek in and get some design inspiration… no harm, no foul, right?

7. Go stargazing. For us, this involves driving waaay out of Dallas into the country where we can actually see stars, parking on the side of a country road, and laying on the hood of our car. It feels just a little daring to park out in the middle of nowhere and even more daring to warm up in the car together once it gets too chilly to look at stars (if you get my drift)!

8. Have a movie marathon! Rent all the movies in a series from your public library (this weekend, we’re renting Bond, James Bond). Mix up a cocktail (Vespers for us), grab some popcorn, and settle in for the perfect (free) rainy afternoon date.

9. Find free wine tastings. Many local wineries and liquor stores have weekly free wine tastings. Kevin and I once stumbled on a “case tasting.” It was a tasting of (very) fancy wine for collectors wishing to purchase entire cases to put in their cellars as as investment. The bottles we sampled ran anywhere from $50 to $300+ each! The best part? It was completely free and they have the tastings every two months!

10. Go for a walk (feel free to take your puppies but leave your cell phones behind). Walks are not only a great chance to catch up with each other after a long day, but they’re also great exercise, they allow you to interact with your neighborhood, and offer few distractions from each other. Night walks are some of our favorites!

11. Exercise together! Kevin and I are starting a Couch-to-5K program to help us get ready for a friend’s remission run in January. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, but it’s also an awesome way to motive and hold one another accountable!

12. Teach each other something new. Most likely, you know how to do something your significant other doesn’t (and vice-versa). Spend some time together exchanging what you know! I’ve been teaching Kevin how to cook and he’s teaching me to play tennis (and I have to say he’s picked up cooking way faster than I’ve picked up tennis).

13. Volunteer together! Whether it’s at the local animal shelter or Habitat for Humanity, I guarantee you’ll come out feeling closer to your mate and better about yourself. Plus, you’ll have helped your community in the process. Win Win Win.

14. Go to Walmart. Trust me on this one. As horrifying as Walmart can be, it can also be ridiculously fun. Try a people watching scavenger hunt (mullet? check. plumber’s crack? check.). Try to get kicked out (ride the bicycles, take pictures, whatever it takes). Add obvious items to unsuspecting shopper’s carts, then watch their faces as the discover the granny panties nestled in amongst their groceries. It’s dumb. It’s immature. It’s fun.

15. Go on a scenic drive. No matter the season, taking in the scenery on a leisurely drive is always amazing. We love trying to get lost in the country, looking at Christmas lights, and taking in the fall colors. The best part? You never know what you’ll come across!

What do you and your hunny like to do for fun? Do you have any ridiculously awesome free date ideas?


9 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Date: Fifteen Competely Free Date Ideas

  1. This is a great list! That photo of the two of you is fantastic too btw!! I like walks and parks and beach picnics as free date ideas as well. Along with movie nights in- we do a lot of those. I’ll have to try some of these others! Maybe I can even include some as our montly date night ideas that I did for Christmas last year (I came up with a date idea for each month and put them in seperate envelopes in Shayne’s stocking- he opens one at the beginning of each month and we try to schedule that- I must admit we’ve missed a few months but hopefully we can get back on track!).

  2. We love cooking together and then having it for dinner & watching a movie at home. Especially now that it’s getting colder here, and the days are very short, I don’t get the urge to go out as much, which is always good for the budget!

  3. What a good list! There are a few in there we haven’t gotten to but we’ll have to try. Matt is a movie buff. We have a weekly movie night that is strictly for Matt and Me every Wednesday. Sometimes we stay in and cook or order take out and catch up on our movie purchases. Other times we sneak out for dinner and the theater. The fun part is knowing we have one night all to ourselves each week to enjoy.

    Not free but SUPER affordable is the drive in just a little ways south on 45. It’s a double feature each time plus they have a concession stand, and miniature golf so you can make an entire evening out of it!

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