A Lamp Unto My Bedside

Remember way back in August when we had a Thursday Dilemma about our hand-me-down Walmart bedside lamps?

We finally did something about them… it just took us three months to do it.

Most of you suggested we spray paint them a bright coral color. I agreed with you until we got our spiffy new curtains hung last week.

Now I think that coral would blend in as much with the curtains as the white does with the table. Instead, I decided to go with my new color favorito: navy blue. Specifically, Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Coverage 2x in Gloss Navy Blue.

First, I wiped down the lamps and taped up the sockets and cords with blue painters tape (left over from making our Euro Sham pillows).

Yes, it was dark when I painted these (thanks to dumb-butt daylight saving’s time). Funny story: there wasn’t much light coming from our garage, so every five minutes I ran down the alley waving my arms like a crazy woman to set off the neighbor’s motion-detector flood lights so I could see to paint.

Anyway. After taping up the lamps, I hit them with a light coat of primer just for good measure.

Once it was dry, I coated them with several thin, even coats of navy blue.

After letting them dry, we removed the tape and brought them in.

I love the glossy pop of navy next to the white and coral of the curtains!

You guys were definitely right about these lamps, though; all they needed was a little TLC and a can of spray paint!

Did you spray paint anything this weekend? Have you ever salvaged hand-me-down lamps with a little spray paint therapy? Can you believe it gets dark at 5:45 now?!


23 thoughts on “A Lamp Unto My Bedside

  1. Love the pop of color on top of the white nightstand! Also, I’m jealous of your next vacation – I’ve been meaning to go to Austria forever, since it was too far away to squeeze it into our European road trip (and was actually thinking about using miles to go there next year). When are you planning on going?

  2. The navy is fabulous! I think that was the right choice. Maybe if you wanted a little more glam a thin strip of gold or silver ribbon around the top and bottom of the shade? Just a thought. Looks great though!!!

  3. 1. they look adorable! The blue definitely helps thems strut their stuff!
    2. I cant stand that it gets dark so early now! Its awful!
    3. I DID get my spray-paint on this weekend! I cant wait to blog about it!
    4. I love the story about the motion floodlights. Haha I wonder if they saw you?!

  4. I just spray-painted a lamp, and my father in law helped out. He showed me the best tip ever! Instead of wrapping up the cord with a bunch of tape, you can thread the cord through whatever you’re painting on. In my case, I was using a piece of cardboard to protect my grass from paint. He just tore a line in the cardboard, we put the cord through, and no issues with paint on the cord!

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