A Little Bathroom Time

As our bedroom redo draws to a close (hopefully), we can’t help ourselves from jumping ship to the next project we have planned for the Little House.

The bathroom.

It’s teeny. It’s tiny. It’s mean and green and most importantly, it’s outta here!

We’ve been saving for over a year and have almost reached our goal. Once we do, we plan on gutting everything to the studs. While we love the vibe of the vintage tile, it’s in really bad shape.

We’re keeping the large cast iron tub, but having it re-enameled. The tub is too wide to fit through any of our doors and we love how deep it is… perfect for a little Kitty Hide-And-Seek.

We’d like to keep the feel of the vintage bathroom tile by going with a 3″x6″ white subway tile, like this from The Tile Shop. We love the clean feeling white tile gives while being non-committal to color- because as much as we love the Little House, it isn’t our forever home. Someday we’ll need to sell it and the new owners might not jive with our color choices. Oh good grief. I’m tearing up. Moving on…


Instead of the gorgeous penny tile accent seen above, we’re planning on adding a touch of luxury to the LH bathroom. That’s right, folks, we’re talking marble: the tile of choice of Roman Emperors everywhere!

We’re planning on using Carrara marble. We’re in love with the sparkly white background shot with veins of smoky gray.


We’d like to do a double row of the Carrara subway as an accent with the standard white subway tile. We’d also like to use it on the floor in a 2″ hexagon pattern to echo the hexagon tile we have in the bathroom now.

For the upper walls, we’ll likely pull a gray out of the marble. We’re hoping, though, that the Dolphin Fin by Behr that we’ve used throughout the house will be a close match (since we have two gallons sitting in the garage collecting dust).

As we finalize plans for the remodel (!), we’ll be sure and share. In the mean time, expect a mood board (or five) to pop up soon. This project is still a few months out, but I was so excited about what we’ve been discussing I just had to share it with you.

Have you remodeled a bath in your home? What materials would you use if you were going to start one tomorrow? What’s one thing you couldn’t live without (in your dream bath)? For us, it’s double shower heads and a tankless water heater so we can spend a little extra time, um, showering.


10 thoughts on “A Little Bathroom Time

  1. I love the vibe you’re going for! Can’t wait to see how the remodel unfolds, since I won’t be doing a bath remodel any time soon. We’re actually happy with our two (fully-tiled) baths; although they’re definitely not something I would’ve chosen myself, since adding the vanities they’ve worked wonders for us.
    What we would LOVE to do though is a full kitchen remodel including throwing down the wall to the living room. Not sure it’ll be worth the expense for us though, since this isn’t our forever home either.

    • We’re trying to be very careful to only do what we will be able to recoup when we sell the house. We have tons of pie-in-the-sky dreams about knocking in walls and adding on, but when it comes down to it, we have to be practical.

      I hate being practical.

  2. You choices are beautiful! I would go pretty much the same route in an ideal world! We are working on our ensuite (and have been for months) and are working on selecting a tile for the shower. We have to go with the beige/brown colour palette though due to the flooring not changing, etc. We are thinking of moving in the spring so it’s all about resale right now… all about resale is boring and awful! haha.

    Can’t wait to see your bathroom come together!

  3. I love your selections and would definitely go with white subway tile if I was redoing our bathroom. I also dream of long linear tiles to elongate the look of ours and would love one of those hotel shower curtain rods! I think it’s great that you are keeping the next homeowners in mind when making selections. It will definitely be worth it when it comes time to sell.

  4. I respect your ability to recognize it’s your “starter home” and therefore don’t want to impose your taste on a future buyer. Alot of first time home owners don’t get that. Plus, what you’ve picked will be beautiful and timeless! I’m so excited to see how it turns out. Matt has had to stop me mid-swing with the sledge a couple times cause I’m just ready to be rid of our peach and burgundy. Enjoy the reno!!!

  5. I know what you mean about thinking about resale when you’re remodeling. I have a dream picture in my head and then have to come back to reality a little since we’re in our starter home too! But I think anyone would love to have the double shower heads! I think that would add to the resale value!

  6. When we remodeled our bathroom I insisted on a “5-Star Flusher!” It’s a must. In the last three years I’ve never, not even once, had to break out the plunger. Well worth the little bit of extra money! It didn’t even get clogged with all three of our uncles were visiting!

    • Whoa! Now that’s impressive!

      The toilet in there was new when we moved in, so we’ll probably try to reuse it. If we can’t, we’ll definitely go with that!

      I wonder how it’ll do the first time Emma tries to flush one of her toys…. 😉

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