Pillow Talk

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been hitting our bedroom pretty hard lately. We’re both so tired of it being half done that we’ve decided to push through to the finish and finally get ‘er done. I mean, it’s been six months since we started with this:

Thank goodness almost all the brown is outta here.

If you were looking closely at our curtain reveal yesterday for the Pinterest Challenge, you might have noticed that I’d finished a couple other projects that were hanging around the Little House.

I finally finished all the pillows for the bed! I had made the envelope back chevron pillows here, but still needed to make two large flanged euro shams and a smaller accent pillow.

I made all these pillow with envelope backs. You may have noticed that there’s a certain feline that likes to sleep on our bed and has no discretion whatsoever about where he sheds. Pillows, sofas, and work pants are all in danger of running afoul of his clingy gray fur. I needed these pillow covers to be removable and to be honest,  I’m not ready to tackle zippers. Envelopes are soooo much easier.

I sewed the large euro shams exactly like I did the chevron pillows, except instead of cutting the fabric to the exact same dimensions as the pillows, I added three inches to to each length to account for the flanges.

Once I had sewn the basic envelope pillow, I turned it right side out and ironed it.

Here’s where things get crazy.

In order to make the seam for the flange straight all the way around, I used painters tape. I know there’s such things as fabric pens and whatnot, but I was using what we had.

Then I simply sewed along the tape line. I even accidentally sewed over it a little on one corner and it still came right up. If I ever made these again, I’d definitely go with tape.

Best part is, all my flange seams are perfectly straight!

Here’s what they look like from the back. It’s nothing special, but the envelope allows the pillows to be easily taken out so that the covers can be washed.

I love how they turned out, although seeing everything on the bed, I think I might make one more chevron pillow. I think three would definitely balance it out better. Maybe.

We’ve still got to put on our new duvet (we’re waiting until we change out our summer comforter for our winter one), hang our art, and accessorize, but the bedroom is so close to being done I can almost taste it (and it tastes awesome).

Have you ever made flanged pillows? Would you add a third chevron pillow? Do your pets have no regard for where the fuzz ends up?


20 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Painter’s Tape!!! Genius! I love that. I’ve also marked a seam using a bit of cardboard as a template, but painter’s tape is genius. I have a big pillow in the bedroom that doesn’t quite match some of our duvet covers so maybe I’ll make a flanged pillow for that…

  2. Looks awesome! So much more cozy and soothing than what you started with. Love the chevron pillows. And I think you’re good with 2. It tapers down the way I know I like the pillows to.

    And my pets don’t just have no regard for where the fuzz ends up. They also have no regard for where we tell them they are and are not allowed to be (like the couch for example). Jerks…

  3. Looks great! This is a great tutorial. I love the look of the flanged pillows- will have to try this! Tape is a great idea too!

  4. I just had an epiphany, thanks to you! I could totally make my store bought euro shams actually FIT by giving them a flange seam, yes? AND I added to my vocabulary, so thanks a bunch!

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