It’s Curtains for You

It’s Tuesday… and time to share our Pinterest Challenge project!

This time around, I made curtains for our bedroom!

I bought the fabric from with a 20% off coupon.

I sewed four 96″ long curtain panels, leaving a 3″ seam at the bottom and a 4″ seam at the top. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the process because my SD card fell into a black hole located somewhere between the bedroom and the front door and has yet to be recovered. When it is, I’ll show you the exact sewing process.

To hang the curtains, I used House of Hepworth’s Faux Pinch Pleat method that I’d pinned a while back. It was so easy!


There’s seven clips on each curtain panel. I’m going to add four more to each for a total of eleven clips each.

Even without enough rings though, I LOVE the look of these curtains. They really make our room feel that much closer to being finished!

I’m also going to move the clip farther down the upper hem so that the curtains are taller. I’d measured them so that they’d be exactly floor length, but where I have them clipped now they’re more of a breaking length.

And what’s any blog photo shoot with out a little cat photo bombing? Fievel tries to be in every photo and really loves the new throw at the foot of the bed.

To see what we’ve made for previous Pinterest Challenges, check here, here, here, and here.

What did you make for the Pinterest Challenge? Have you ever used clip curtain rings before? Does your cat photobomb blog photos, too?


42 thoughts on “It’s Curtains for You

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  2. Hi! I always notice your comments on YHL and but never remember to click over to your blog when I get home. But your curtains brought me here! So glad, they look lovely and I’m sucker for a blogger who has a cat photo bomber!

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