The Structure with the Black Lagoon

Well, we changed our minds again.

Even though we had decided to wait to tear down structure #2 until spring, on Saturday morning we talked ourselves back into doing the demo this fall.

Better to get it all down at once, like a Band-Aid, right?

To refresh you on Structure #2, it was a covered deck that was built over a homemade, concrete, non-working hot tub built by the previous owner.

The deck itself wasn’t that bad… it was actually really nice to have a covered place to sit out of all the rain (you know, since we get SO much rain here in Dallas). Unfortunately, it sits right smack dab in the middle of our yard. It completely cuts the yard in two, physically and visually. What is actually a really good sized yard feels tiny when subdivided with the Structure.

Instead of just swinging away at this structure with sledgehammers (as we did with the bar), we took a more sophisticated approach: power tools. We cut all the supporting braces on the roof with either a reciprocating saw or a circular saw, then using a rope, we simply pulled the roof down. What, you want to see? You’re in luck! We recorded it!

Just don’t judge me by the fact that I looked like a rabbit on speed hopping up and down.

After the roof came down, the pillars went surprisingly easy.

The entire deck has been reduced to a little pile of wood in the back yard.

And the hot tub below has been revealed.

On the bright side, the entire thing wasn’t filled with concrete like we’d feared. On the bad side, there’s about ten inches of thick, green, sludgy, smelly water still lurking below. I dumped an entire bottle of bleach in it just for good measure.

We haven’t opened up the hole any more than what you see above yet. We’re still a little bewildered and not exactly sure how to go on and we didn’t want a yummy slime bath for the puppies to play with.

Still, our yard feels so much bigger now that the roof is down. It’s a slow process, but this yard is really starting to come together!

How was your weekend? Are you bracing for Sandy? We’ll be saying a little prayer for you!


14 thoughts on “The Structure with the Black Lagoon

  1. Yay that the hot tub is not filled up with concrete! I don’t envy you for having to deal with the slime inside of it though! Good luck breaking it open more! (and I’m still jealous you guys are getting to play with sledge hammers hehe).

  2. Yay for no solid block of concrete to deal with! That water issue sounds horrible though! haha. Good luck with that!

    Your yard is going to look so much better without all these obstructions! Can’t wait to see it!

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