It’s the Pits

Okay, not really.

Actually, it’s kinda exciting: We’re planning our fire pit for the new patio!

Now that we’ve finally got the bar and concrete removed, we can start laying out the new patio and what’s going to be on it.

One of our first orders of business is figuring out the new fire pit. If we choose to go with an above ground model, we’ll want to pour an appropriately sized concrete pad for it. If we decided to do a in-ground, we’ll need to dig it and out and do the same, all before laying the crushed granite for the actual patio itself.

We love the idea of a sunken fire pit, like these.



Our family brought up a potential problem with the sunken pit this weekend, though. They were concerned that the fire wouldn’t get enough oxygen down in a pit and wouldn’t burn as well as a raised pit.

I think it’s a legitimate concern, but I’m still leaning towards the sunken pit.

These raised pits are beautiful, though.



We’re hoping to get the patio leveled and staked this weekend so that we can start the fire pit. I can’t wait! We’re getting so close to finishing this project!

Which fire pit style would you go with? Do you have any projects that are so close to being done you can taste it?


16 thoughts on “It’s the Pits

  1. ooh exciting! I’d go with sunken, because then if you ever needed all your patio space you could cover it up somehow (or if you needed to for safety with kids).
    But whatever you go for I’m sure it will be lovely!

  2. I really like that fire pit with the hand prints (it’s such a sweet touch)! I’m torn over which style of fire pit I like better – I like the way the sunken could be completely covered (like Annabel said) but I also imagine toasting marshmallows with a raised fire pit.
    Regardless of which direction you go in, it’s going to look awesome!

  3. I’m so jealous! We really want a fire pit but our yard seems to small. We will have one at our next house though! I really like the raised fire pits- I think they would be at a comfortable height to sit around and I feel they might be safer for dogs/kids but you make a good point for sunken too- you can just cover it. It will be great either way!!

  4. I LOVE the idea of the sunken pits. Looks so cool, nice to be able to see people over the fire still to visit, etc. The hardest part (I would think) is dealing with getting an acceptably pretty cover so as not to ruin your hard design work as well as secure (in case pets and little people start to get nosey).

    Does anoyone know how you solve the problem of rain collecting in one? Mostly I see concrete with sand in the bottom but it rains a lot more here (in Dallas) than other places in Texas.

    This triggers a thought- what about a ground level fire pit with spaced out big rocks around it? Then you can hide from the direct heat when you want or position yourself between the gaps for full-on warmth. Not to mention a toasty seat or foot rest. Maybe it’s not for you but it’s got me thinking…

  5. I stumbled across your blog when I was reading YoungHouseLove. I love it! Very cute and the firepit idea, that would be a hard one to decide! My husband and I really want to put a firepit in our backyard next summer, so I will have to follow you two and your progress!

  6. Hello! I found your blog while blog surfing. A sunken fire pit should have no more trouble with oxygen flow than an above ground fire pit, provided that neither of them are too narrow and deep. With a sunken fire pit, it keeps feet toasty instead of having that awful gap where your feet are freezing, however, it may be easier for people to fall in or more likely to be a trip hazard at ground level, especially if there are children running around. Standing water could also be a concern if it were below ground level. Another consideration is the type of fire pit… will it be a wood burning pit or will you connect it to a gas line? I think a wood pit would need to be deeper than a gas pit. Good luck with the planning and building! We’re hoping to eventually build a fire pit in our backyard, too.

    • For us, children aren’t a present concern (our families live 1,000 miles away and neither we nor our friends have children yet), though puppies might be. We’re planning on going with a wood buring pit as we want to be able to completely DIY the pit ourselves (and there’s no way we’re qualified to run natural gas lines).

      We’re planning on installing drains in the bottom of the pit to mitigate any standing water (not that we get that much rain here in Dallas). We’re also probably going to have a grate fabricated (in my Dad’s shop in Indiana) that will keep the fire off the bottom of the pit and promote circulation in and around the fire.

      Thanks for the advice and thanks for stopping by!!

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