Handyman Wednesday #6: The Art of Destroying

Hi everyone, Kevin is back with another rendition of Handyman Wednesdays.  Today, I get to talk about something that Jess and I have had plenty of experience of in the last month… DESTROYING!  You’ll see more of that in a few weeks. I’ve formerly posted about common tools every house should have as well as home maintenance.  Today however, I will show you the tools needed to destroy rapidly disassemble any part of your home.

The toolbox for tearing apart your home is much different than the toolbox to maintain your home.  In fact, most of what you need doesn’t fit well in a toolbox.  There are 2 main categories to destruction: safety and tools.


I know, it’s never fun unless there is an element of danger involved.  However, you also don’t want to pay a massive hospital bill.  Follow these guidelines and hopefully you can stay out of the hospital while still having some fun.

Safety Device #1: Safety Glasses

Trust me, if you have both of your eyes, you want to keep them both. No matter how cool you think an eye patch looks, save it for Halloween and wear safety glasses.  An important note here, many people who wear regular glasses think they’re fine.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  Safety glasses today have side protection and fit closer to your face so it is unlikely and shrapnel can infiltrate your eyeball.  Plus, they’re cheap (especially compared to a fake eye).  Jess and I wear these on almost every project, from cutting lumber to, well, this.  I use a pair from home depot for cheap that Jess and I found comfortable.  A plus side on safety glasses is the ability to re-use them as racquetball glasses, cycling glasses, motorcycle glasses, or buy tinted ones as sunglasses.

Safety Device #2: Steel Toes

I know, these can be a little pricey.  However, as Jess and I experienced last night, A nail sticking up out of the ground can go through the bottom of your shoe (don’t worry, it didn’t go into our foot, it was a short nail).  Another problem with these is the price tag.  Jess and I both have steel-toe boots over $120.  However, Walmart has some affordable ones.  These can double up, as…well not much.  You can go as Heidi the tool girl for Halloween though (The picture below is when Jess and I had been dating for a year, I went as Wilson from “Home Improvement” and she went as Heidi the tool-girl.


Safety Device #3: Work Gloves

This kind of goes without saying.  Unless you want blisters, get work gloves.  Jess and I find the cheap leather ones don’t fit well and make our hands hot.  However, the nitrile dipped gloves work well, keep us cool, and conform to our hands.

Ok, on to the fun stuff.  Here’s what’s in my toolbox for destruction.  (Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for the Home Depot gift cards so I can get all this stuff!)

Destruction Tool #1: Sledgehammer / Axe

This one is a little dangerous, but a lot of fun.  Jess an I can’t tear down anything without it.  It easily rips apart boards, nails, glue, morter, rock, etc.  I like the 8 lb wood splitter / sledge combo, but you may want to get buff before you buy this though (or find someone to swing it if you can’t.  Most guys like to be paid in pizza).

Destruction Tool #2: Mini Sledge and Hammer

These tools are a necessity for me.  I find the mini-sledge easy to swing, but Jess has to use 2 hands.  A hammer works as well, but takes much longer to do the same task.  These are fun for indoors when you don’t want to accidentally put your sledge through a wall on your back-swing.

Destruction Tool #3: Hack-Saw

This gets you through things you can’t hammer through.  That being said, they are cheap, and you can buy different blades to go through different material (including metal).

Destruction Tool #4:  Skil-Saw or Reciprocating Saw

Use this when you don’t want to use the hack saw to cut through something.  Makes quick work of most beams.  Get 2 sawhorses and you can use this for all your project cutting!  I like Skil-Saw brand because their lower cost and they named the thing!  A reciprocating saw is easier to get into tight spaces, but it’s not quite as versatile (or cheap).


Destruction Tool #5: Crowbar

This is a fantastic tool.  It can pry up nails, boards, screws.  It can open jammed doors.  The power of the “Lever Arm” is immense.  This is Jess’ favorite tool.  I like the Wonderbar by Stanley.  My Dad swears by it.

That’s it for today.  I’m sure I left out a bunch of destruction objects, but this is a good basic list if you’re getting ready to do some renovations.

What is your favorite tool of destruction?  Do you have any ideas for Handyman Wednesdays?  Do you prefer fiberglass or wood handles?


6 thoughts on “Handyman Wednesday #6: The Art of Destroying

    • It really does! Luckily we had a “man registry” at Sears for our wedding, so Kev was able to get the basics right off.

  1. Whenever someone mentions they’re thinking about doing a reno I jump up and down excitedly because I would *love* to bring down a wall someday! Haha. Although we had to make several holes in the wall when we moved light switches and because of the hard brick it wasn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be…

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