A – Z Gallerie

On a recent cold and rainy weekend here in Dallas, Kevin and I armed ourselves with Pumpkin Spice Lattes and headed out to do some serious accessory shopping for our master bedroom. Our first store was a new obsession favorite of mine: Z Gallerie.

We loved this tic-tac-toe board! It would be pretty simple to DIY and would be so much fun sitting on a coffee table!

I wanted to take this porcelain filiagree urn home with me so badly! But at $99, it was a little out of our price range for a single item.

We both loved the scale of this Dallas sign (and the fact that it had places that we know and love on it). It was $250, but we thought that we could DIY one pretty easily. Wouldn’t it look great in our dining room?

We fully intended to bring this guy home with us, but forgot to go back and pick him up when we left. Next time, he’s hopping in our basket first thing.

We did come home with a few things though. I’ve been crushing on these faux navy coral pieces online for ages. When we saw them on clearance for 70% off, we bought all they had. Won’t they look gorgeous sitting on a stack of books on the dresser?

Of course, this shopping trip wasn’t all serious accessory hunting.Β  Actually, there wasn’t a serious moment in it. Kev and I really don’t know how to behave seriously in public.

Where do you go to shop for accessories? Anyone else in love with Z Gallerie? Do you have issues behaving like responsible adults in public situations?


25 thoughts on “A – Z Gallerie

  1. The photo of the navy coral didn’t load for me 😦 Anywho… I love those owls (it feels like I’m always on a bird-kick)! Maybe when you guys go back they’ll be on sale!

    PS – I think I have that shirt haha – is it from GAP a couple of years ago??

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Z Gallerie. I don’t think we have those in Canada but maybe I’m wrong. I’ll have to check one out on my next cross-border trip. The coral is beautiful and those owl book ends are adorable!! You look really cute by the way- love the shirt and scarf!

  3. I love the faux coral, it would look great in R’s room! We haven’t been to a Z Gallerie in over a year. The closest one to us in in Richmond, and for some reason I think it closed? And I can’t go out in public with Forrest ;), we have no clue how to be adults hehe!

  4. I am definitely in love with Z Gallerie! I bought our bedroom curtains from there and just cut them in half to save some money. I generally don’t buy much from there because it’s a little out of my price range, but it’s a great place for inspiration. I usually get most of my stuff from Home Goods! πŸ™‚

    • That’s so smart! I hadn’t thought of that!

      That’s why I love their clearance sections so much… they always have great deals! And Home Goods is awesome… I haven’t been there in a while… Hmm. Maybe I need to make a run there!

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