Playing with Fire(places)

If you follow us on Instagram ( @littlehousebigheart), you saw this photo yesterday afternoon.

Dallas had a cold snap this weekend (it was in the 40s and 50s), so Kevin and I got the chance to warm our toes with the first fire of the year (while watching our Colts whoop up on the Packers).

With the cold weather, fire, and football this was really the first weekend that felt like fall to me – which is awesome, because Dallas doesn’t really get much of a fall. We kinda skip straight from summer to winter and leave autumn out all together. I loved fall growing up in Indiana and have really missed it since moving down here, so when this cold snap hit and we were able to light a fire and snuggle up, I was so excited I just had to decorate something.

Our fireplace was the lucky recipient of my fall frenzy.

Have I mentioned I’m in love with our fireplace? It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door and it’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s my favorite thing to decorate in the whole house.

I used the same fall decor that I picked up last year at Hobby Lobby on clearance along with the fall wreath I made here. The two strands of leaf garland hide Kevin’s new soundbar and the pumpkins on candlesticks are just fun.

So far, this is the only part of the Little House I’ve had a chance to fallify, but I’ve got lots of plans. First and foremost though, is going to be making a fall wreath for our front door. Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve still got the one I made for the 4th of July up!

What have you decorated for fall this year? Have you made a fall wreath? Do you still have any decorations from earlier holiday lurking around?


9 thoughts on “Playing with Fire(places)

  1. It was pretty chilly when we were in Dallas, too! And now you mention it’s already fall there… I’m starting to think the hot weather there is a myth! 😉

  2. Matt and I enjoyed the chill this weekend too. So much so that he ran out to the store (amazing in and of itself) and made his favorite fall specialty- Fire Soup. I’m not a soup conossuier but it smells good and is SO simple. Thought of you with your soup week and wanted to share:

    -2 cans ranch style beans
    -2 cans minestrone
    -1 1/2 to 2 cans rotel tomatoes (depending on how much fire you want)
    -1 lb. ground turkey/beef

    Brown the meat. Then dump the rest of the ingredients in. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and cook additional 20 minutes. Stir occasionally. That’s it! Have a great week and I’ll try to forgive you for my Packers’ loss…

  3. So cute! I love your mantle! 🙂 I wish we could have a fire in our fireplace. We ran a gas line for it when we were in the middle of renovating our first floor, but we haven’t saved up enough for the insert and installation. I can’t wait for that glorious day!!

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