Kev and I have been thinking a lot about this little blog of ours lately.

About projects we have in the works.

About what we can do to make LHBH better.

And about where LHBH can go in the future.

And since I’m me (and extremely type A), I made a list of our current goals for LHBH… short term, long term, and pie-in-the-sky dreams. And yes. I made it on grid paper.

Short Term:

  • Always have posts ready the night before. I can’t write quality posts in the mornings; I don’t have enough time – and I always want to write quality posts for you guys.
  • Read/comment on at least 5 of your blogs everyday. At my old job, I had all the time in the world to read and comment on your blogs. At my new one, I don’t have that time. I really appreciate all of you reading and commenting here at LHBH and I want to return the favor!
  • Consistently average 5000 views a month. We’ve hit this mark the last two months running, but it looks like September isn’t going to quite make it.
  • Finish the new pages we added to the blog on the last makeover.
  • Have one giveaway a month. We love you guys and we want you to know it!
  • Have one “Week” per month (like Doggie Week and Blogiversary Week). These are just plain fun! We have one planned for next week and let me tell you… it’s going to be souper!
  • Get 100 email followers. We’re at 73 now. Will you hit the follow button and help us reach our goal?

Long Term:

  • Self-host the blog. We’re seriously considering moving over to We’re just a little hesitant to take the leap.
  • Join the BlogHer network. We’d have already done this if we could. It’s the main reason we want to self-host.
  • Attend Haven! I’d love to get to know some fellow bloggers and learn from the best.
  • Reach 10000 views in one month. That’s four times the number of people living in the town where I grew up.
  • Get a sponsor (or two). Pretty self explanatory on that one…


  • Become full-time (or even part-time) professional blogging gurus.
  • Have the Little House featured in one of D Magazine’s Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas columns.
  • Write a cookbook of all the Little House’s recipes.
  • The Texas Rangers win the World Series and the Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl.
  • Indy and Rosie quit eating things.

So that’s us, baring our ambitions (and our souls). We love making the Little House our home and telling you all about it. I never expected blogging to become what it has to us, but it’s definitely part of our lives now.

What are your goals? Any advice on how to reach ours? Any you think we should add/take away?


14 thoughts on “Goooooooal!

  1. I think having goals is great! Looks like you’re being incredibly realistic too.

    I’ve self-hosted right from the beginning. I mostly just cross my fingers and pray that nothing ever stops working because I’m a technical doofus and wouldn’t know how to fix it. I say make the leap!

  2. I would love to blog for a living. That would be THE perfect job to me!
    What is the BlogHer Network? I think I have heard that somewhere, but what exactly is it?
    Good luck on all your goals. I’m sure you will achieve a majority of them, if not all! 🙂

  3. Nice to see your goals laid out! Switching to is a big step. Keep in mind that it will change all of your site stats and how visible you are in search engines for a little while since its essentially a restart. I did it from the beginning but its a little less user friendly. If you make the switch Id do it ASAP if youre looking to provide possible sponsors with stats. I probably should have started out the way you guys did until I knew where I wanted to end up! Goodluck with the decision making and figuring out the doggie destruction 🙂

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