Thursday Dilemma: Skirting the Issue

Welcome to Thursday and our dilemma! Kevin and I are famously indecisive (we think, maybe, we’re not sure), so we thought it would be a great idea to let someone else help us with the design dilemmas that come up in the Little House. That’s where you come in. Whenever we’re stuck in a particular quandary, we like to ask for your advice to help us in our decision making process. We really do use your tips, ideas, and suggestions, so keep them coming! We love to hear what you think!

When Kev game me the go ahead (and a 20% coupon) on our curtain fabric I went ahead and ordered enough to make four curtain panels and a bedskirt.


I’m having second thoughts, though. I’m not sure how the large scale print of our fabric will look. I love this inspiration photo from Pinterest, but, to be honest, I’m scared of pattern!


What do you think? Would you make a bedskirt out of the same patterned fabric as the curtains (we have all white bedding, btw)?


PS. Please excuse the wonky formatting on this post… I wrote it on my iPhone!/em>


19 thoughts on “Thursday Dilemma: Skirting the Issue

  1. I think it’ll look great, but if you’re unsure, why don’t you make the curtains & hang them first, then kind of tuck the rest of the fabric where the bedskirt would be? You’ll get a sense how it would look.. just be sure to keep it there for a few days to see if you get adjusted or if you hate it!

  2. Hi – I agree with the suggestions above of making the curtains, first (which I think will be beautiful). Personally, I think I would tire of the fabric faster if I had it on the walls and the bedskirt. I would look for a coordinating fabric for the bedskirt – it looks very collected that way. BTW, love reading your blog!

  3. I saw this same fabric pattern on a website where I usually order fabric on the super cheap. I was going to order it (except in turquoise) to make pillows for my living room sectional. I actually ended up going with a different pattern in the end, but I really like this one and think it will look good on both the pillows AND the bed skirt. Maybe start out with one and see if it is too overwhelming.

    Can’t wait to see 🙂

  4. Your interior designer Mom says….DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE PATTERN…DO IT!!!
    You will love it…it will look just like the picture, only red/rust……BE BRAVE..I’d put it on the walls, so you are safe with it as a bed ruffle and pillow or two…

  5. Do a red and white striped fabric for the bed skirt or a smaller patterned fabric that almost looks solid if you squint your eyes. Or maybe something with a little navy it it. That would make it look crisp. Good luck.

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