Spare the Rod

I got 16.5 yards of gorgeousness in the mail yesterday.


I absolutely cannot wait to get out the sewing machine and start making curtains and pillows for our bedroom!  If it rains this weekend and we can’t work on the backyard project I’ll definitely be sewing my little heart out!

As far as the curtains themselves, I’m probably going to go with a faux pinch pleat. I’m still a sewing machine novice, but I think I handle hemming four sides of a curtain panel. I found the faux pinch pleat over at House of Hepworths (and she found it from Thrifty Decor Chick).

You just use the clippy curtain rings, clip them to the back of the panel, and viola! It looks like pinch pleats!

Allison also made her own curtain rods here from electrical conduit spray painted with ORB. Since our windows are so close to the corner, I think we’ll end up making our own curtains rods as well.

I love the idea of conduit, but I’m in love with the look of these curtain rods made from galvanized steel pipe. I think they’d fit perfectly into our tight corner space and I love the industrial bit of silvery shine (although, you could spray paint them, too).

As much as I want to start pulling down structure #2 this weekend, I think I’m hoping for a rainy Saturday so I can get going on these curtains!

Have you ever sewn your own curtains? What kind of curtain rods do you use? Which project would you work on this weekend?


13 thoughts on “Spare the Rod

  1. I can’t wait to see your curtains! Yup, I made my own curtains with some assistance from my Mom. It’s so much more affordable then buying them already made! 🙂

  2. Love the steel curtain rods! Those would look awesome. I’ve never sewn my own curtains before but I have fabric in my closet that has been waiting to be turned into curtains…for the last several months haha *sigh*

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