Truth in Blogging: The Little Garden

Welcome to Truth in Blogging, a random series of posts chronicling our fails not so successful DIY projects. We love that you guys read, comment, and admire what we do here at the LH, but we want to be honest. When a project doesn’t go right in the end, we want to share what we’ve learned. So sit back and enjoy a laugh with us as we share some of our biggest flubs!

When we started the little garden project, I had visions of bushels of fresh tomatoes, more fresh cucumbers than we could pickle, and peppers, beets, and carrots coming out our ears. And by early May, it looked like all our veggie dreams were coming true.

Then summer hit.

It’s been a mild one by Texas standards. It actually rained once or twice and there were only about 30 days over 100. Good, right?

Wrong. Turns out even a mild summer is still a pretty harsh one for a veggie garden, especially one grown by novices like us. The result?

Our tomatoes grew to towering heights (almost 6 feet tall at one point), then collapsed over the garden fence. The six plants together produced… one tomato.

The middle veggies – beets, carrots, & peas – did absolutely nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. They sprouted, looked for a few pictures, then withered and died in the June heat. Now it’s just a baby veggie graveyard.

The zucchini never did much of anything either, after that last update in May. I blame it one the variety, early zuchini. Next year, we’ll go with something more hearty. The straight neck squash eventually got so large that it overshadowed (literally) both the zucchini and cucumbers, choking them out. I was really excited ot see the squash grow (even though sad for the cucumbers and zucchini) because I love squash!

It never did anything more than flower. We didn’t get one single squash. It seemed to die out in the middle of last month, but has recently made a resurgence after all the rain we’ve had this September.

The only reliable plants in the little garden this year were the peppers, or at least, the jalapeno and the bell pepper. The poblano grew to be five feet tall, got knocked over in the hail storm, and never recovered.

And have you noticed that something is missing from the little garden? Like gutters maybe?

They got knocked off in the hail storm of the century. Apparently we didn’t use long enough screws to withstand 4″ hail balls. Go figure.

The gutters are still intact, though, so we’ll be putting them back up (maybe even this fall).

We’re discouraged with how the little garden turned out, but we’re not giving up! We’re thinking of planting some fall greens and are already planning a drip watering system, shade cloth roller, and new veggie crop for next year.

How did your garden fare this year? Did you end up with bushels of tomatoes and more cucumbers than you could eat? Did the drought this summer affect your gardening plans? Are you planting a fall garden?


10 thoughts on “Truth in Blogging: The Little Garden

  1. Eh, you still did better than me – I have a black thumb and can’t even keep house plants arrive! I once managed to grow a courgette (uh, zucchini!) and some potatoes in my old garden but that was more dumb luck than anything else!

  2. At least you tried and you learned some lessons! We didn’t do much gardening at all this year with the wedding and all. Our gardens need serious attention! I’m hoping to at least get some pruning done this weekend… our house is looking pretty overgrown!

  3. It’s all a learning lesson, right!? I was lucky that our indoor garden worked out (I think Joe was a little skeptical and kept asking me to plant our stuff outside). We definitely learned some thing though and hope to try again next year – probably trying out some new plants.

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