Curtains for the Curtains

Remember the mood board for our master bedroom?

When we started the project I had my sights set on gauzy white curtains that would billow cloud-like in the breeze (that is, they would if our windows weren’t painted shut).

Three months (!) into the bedroom project, though, I had a sudden change of heart. Since bringing brown down, we’ve been painting everything that’ll stand still for five minutes. The walls got two coats of “Ice Rink” by Martha Stewart and our trim, dressers, and nightstands got their fair share of “Creamy White” by Behr. Our duvet is white. Our new Ikea faux-built-in is white (more on that soon). Two of the pillows on the bed will be white.

We’re in serious danger of the room becoming as white as it was brown.

Then yesterday, while perusing on my lunch hour, I came across this fabric. It’s a gorgeous large scale coral pattern and only $7.48/yard.

Suddenly I had visions of bold patterned curtains swimming in my head (kinda like these, both from Southern Living).

When I sent the link to Kevin, he sent me back a coupon code for 20% off and free shipping at and told me to go for it. I love my husband.

I also went ahead and ordered a yard and a half of this gorgeous navy chevron. I think I’ll use it for a couple of pillows on the bed. I’m planning on making two 30″ flanged Euro shams (we already have the pillow inserts), two smaller pillows (in the navy chevron), and one bolster (which I already have the fabric for). I’m hoping it’ll end up looking a little like this (depends on my sewing skills).

Our bedroom is really staring to come together. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

Is there such a thing as too much white in a room if the walls aren’t white? Would you ever go for bold patterned curtains? Have you ever played with pillow arrangements using photo editing software? It worked pretty well for me!

PS. The coupon code for was SEWSORRY.


12 thoughts on “Curtains for the Curtains

  1. I love that Kevin’s response was to find a coupon code. That’s what David does for most things 🙂 I think most people who have pets shy away from white, but aesthetically I think white is great with a few pops of color, so I think you’re on the right track with bold curtains and some fun pillows!

  2. I’m very much in love with coral- always have been. I think adding such a nice pop to the windows sounds great! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for the fabric website tip BTW =)

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