Giving the Office the Slip-per Chair

I have an amazing husband. Probably I don’t even need to tell you how awesome. He’s there for me when I need him, makes me dinner when I work late, and finds amazing deals on slipper chairs at Target. Let me tell you, he’s a catch.

I worked late again yesterday and while I was up north at the office, Kev was perusing the local Super Target for fall clearance deals.

At about 6 pm he sends me a pic of an adorable slipper chair. “50% off,” the text said. When I got home, this was sitting in the living room:

See that little red sticker in the upper right-hand corner? Yeah. It rocked my socks. Is my hubs awesome at scoring deals or what?

Honestly, what did I do to be blessed with a husband with equally amazing bargain-hunting abilities and taste in slipper chairs? I’m overwhelmed with what God has done for me.

We’ve been looking for a small-ish chair to go in our office for a while. I know, I know. We said we weren’t going to buy for/work on one room until we finished another. That went out the window with the backyard so we’re back to buying things when we find good deals. It works better for us.

Anyway, back to the chair. We started our office makeover waaaay back in January and haven’t touched it since. That is, until last night.

We put together the chair and brought an old (and I mean old) bookcase out of our spare bedroom and into the office. The styling still need a little work (we borrowed things from other rooms to make it look right), but all in all I really like having a reading nook in the office

The bookcase is only a temporary solution, but it definitely works for now. This was such a quick and easy upgrade and it makes our office feel that much closer to being “finished.”
What deals have your scored lately? Does your significant other have superior taste in slipper chairs? Can they also make awesome tomato tuna melts (because mine sure can)?

EDIT: Another reason I need a new computer: the colors are waaaay off on our dinky little netbook, if you can’t tell. Last night when I edited these photos with GIMP the color was perfect. This morning looking at them on my brand spanking new work computer? Yellow. Argh.


8 thoughts on “Giving the Office the Slip-per Chair

  1. ;The crazy way that you two met? It was definitely God running interference for you kids. It was meant to be! You both are terrific. The house is looking like an article in House Beautiful!

  2. I LOVe your little reading nook! Looks so nice!!! 🙂

    I need to get a better office reading chair. I have one now, but it is way too low to the ground and not all that comfortable. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for something nice yet affordable. I’m in luck, a Home-Goods is having a grand opening in town next week. Super excited!

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