The Backyard… Before

We’ve had a lot of questions lately about why exactly we’re tearing down the two “perfectly good” backyard structures. It’s a lot of work and they don’t seem that bad.

I realized that we’ve never shared the before pictures of the back yard (because I couldn’t find them until tonight).

For a refresher, the backyard is currently laid out like this, with the hot tub deck and bar (that’s now gone!!) taking up half of the entire yard… literally.

With the structures taking up the entire west side of the yard, this is all the greenspace we have to work with (and all Indy and Rosie have to play in, as Rosie is demonstrating here). Considering I grew up on a 32-acre farm, this isn’t going to cut it. Not by a long shot.

Kinda ridiculous when you compare how much yard we should will have to what we have now. Visually, the structures block half of the yard off and make it feel tiny. It’s just wasted space!

The bar, which we tore down this weekend, used to look like this. It had a slot for the kegerator (which the previous owner left in the garage), but the bar faced the wrong direction for entertaining (towards the corner of the yard) and it just felt clunky and poorly done.

The big mystery is structure #2. I haven’t had a good picture of it to show the scale, the immensity of the covered dead giant concrete hot tub. That is, until now. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you structure #2, the dead hot tub.

Under the roof, decking, and tacky fake stone facade lies a 5′ (yes, 5 feet) thick concrete slab that used to be a hot tub (that never worked). And since the previous owner was a dentist, he did what dentists do best: he filled the cavity… with concrete, then covered it up so no one would see it. EDIT: This was not a real hot tub, folks. This was a homemade concrete hot tub that the previous owner, bless his heart, built himself. If it were an actual hot tub we might try to salvage or sell it, but in this case the only course of action is to jackhammer the sucker out.

It looks innocent enough, but just like Mom told you, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. And inside is a giant dead concrete hot tub. And see the tiny sliver of green? That’s another view of our entire yard right now. Argh.

Can you tell I hold some animosity towards this thing?

The bar was just the tip of the iceberg. We’re still pondering the best way to get structure #2 down… sledgehammer? backhoe? dynamite? nuclear strike?

We’ll let you know when we decide. Until then, happy thoughts of what’s to come.


19 thoughts on “The Backyard… Before

  1. Boo for structure #2. Seriously though – who fills in a hot tub with cement? Am I weird for thinking the more logical solution is to try to sell it (sometimes, people are interested in getting a not-so-great hot tub at a decent price that they can repair)? I probably shouldn’t judge since I used caulk for pretty much everything at my college apartment…

  2. Wow, I never realized just how much space those 2 wacko structures took up in your yard.

    And I say, to each their own. It’s your house and even if those structures did have purpose, if you don’t like them get rid of them.

    PS – Love the mood board 🙂

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