In the Devil’s Den

We’re working on wrapping up construction around here, but if you see something that’s off, doesn’t work, or just plain looks bad, please let me know so I can get it fixed!

Over the holiday weekend Kev and I made the five hour drive up north with two of our best friends, Danni and Jon, to Devil’s Den State Park in northern Arkansas. The weather was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking– perfect for a bunch of city dwellers who miss living in the country. We stayed in tents in the park’s campground, cooked over the fire (thanks to Hurricane Isaac the burn ban was lifted), and hiked for hours. Here’s a collection of some of the better shots I got while we were there.

I took about 200 more photos, but they’re mostly just trees. And rocks. And streams without any water. I was so excited by the wild lace cap hydrangea above I took about fifteen shots of it alone. 🙂

We’ll be back tomorrow with an easy weeknight recipe for baked lemon chicken!

What did you do this Labor Day weekend? Anyone else go camping? I’d forgotten how much I love it! Any tips on how to get the woodsmoke smell out of your hair? Two washes later I still smell like a burnt marshmallow.

PS. Please let me know what you’re thinking of the site! I appreciate (constructive) comments!


12 thoughts on “In the Devil’s Den

  1. Glad to see you had a lovely weekend! I’ve never been camping (I hate all bugs) but we did use the weekend to have a “staycation”!

    PS: The new layout looks beautiful – I love the background colors!

    • Thanks! That’s my favorite part of the design. We can highlight older posts that we really like and show what we’re really about.

      I love campfire food too! We made venison chop steaks with veggies wrapped in foil the first night and hotdogs and smores the second. It was yummy!

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