Under Construction!

As you can tell, LHBH is under construction! We’ve finally decided to put our HTML hard hats back on and go to work sprucing up the site, so please bear with us! We’ll up back to 100% some time this week!

Later this afternoon I hope to share some pics from our camping trip this weekend. Kev and I made the five hour drive up north with two of our best friends, Danni and Jon, to Devil’s Den State Park in northern Arkansas. The weather was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking– perfect for a bunch of city dwellers who miss living in the country!


13 thoughts on “Under Construction!

  1. Liking the modern colors for your header- aiming for that as our living room color palette but some battles of the house are better left un-“won.” Spent my weekend slingin’ hammers updating the closet. Not completely there but are you ever really finished? In case you need some Dallas-co-blogger-love, keep on chugging!

  2. Oh I like it!! And I’m still jealous of your pink hard hat 😉 With the job switch, I don’t need a hard hat nearly as much and I asked our saftey guy if I needed a new one that didn’t say Waste Water Treatment on it. I asked for a pink one… he promptly told me no. The nerve of some people lol

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