Doggie Week 2012: The LHBH Doggie Hall of Fame

Drumroll please! Congratulations to Kris D. who won our homemade doggie giveaway. The question is, Kris, would Mona like a new stuffingless squeakey toy or some homemade pumpkin doggie treats?

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for the LHBH Doggie Hall of Fame. Didn’t get your pic sent in time? Go ahead and send it to us and we’ll add you to the post!

First up are Butters, a shepherd/collie mix, and Hachi, a dalmatian/black lab mix. These pups love to play tug of war! Their proud owner is Asia @ Cape Cod Dreams.

Meet Topper! She’s a beagle/Yorkie mix and is named after the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Her owner Rachael says she loves squeaky toys and hiding things under the couch, then barking at them. We’ve all been there a time or two, Topper.

This is Mosey. He’s an Italian Greyhound with an intense stare who love nothing more than to stretch his little legs with a rousing game of fetch with his owner, Staci @ My Friend Staci. Go get ’em, buddy!

You might not recognize Mona, our giveaway winner. That’s her in the bottom of the photo, all dressed up for Halloween and handing out candy. Her favorite pastime is letting her owner Kris’ grandkids feed her treats.

Jixer, Christine @ Casa de Christine‘s gorgeous black lab, loves chasing sticks and snowballs. Good thing she lives in Canada!

Meet Donna’s pooch, Hershey. He’s a huge sports fan; his favorite toys are his football and baseballs! Hey, Hershey. Want to join our fantasy football team?

Next up is Dudley, Amanda and Forrest’s adorable little pooch. He love going on long walks, shaking his toys to death, and taking up most of his parent’s bed. Sounds like Dudley ain’t nothing but a hound dog.

Valerie’s puppies, Cowgirl and Jersey, couldn’t be more opposite! Cowgirl is a diva, while Jersey loves his tennis balls so much he’ll skip treats just to keep from dropping them. I wish our girls would pose for a portrait like that!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Doggie Week 2012 as much as we have! Catch us next week for a bedroom update, our continuing crown molding saga, my review of The Happiness Project, and a yummy recipe or two!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend! We’re going camping in Arkansas. What do you have planned?


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