Doggie Week 2012: Toying Around

This week we’re going to the dogs here at LHBH! It’s our first ever Doggie Week! Comment on Monday’s post and be entered into our drawing for either a homemade doggie squeaker toy or homemade doggie treats (your… or your puppie’s choice)! Also, checkout Kevin’s post yesterday on the things our girls have destroyed in the last year!

Currently, our girls are the key to protecting our home. Their big barks, snarls, and growls when anyone so much as walks down the street makes us feel safer and helps to deter any would-be cat burglars. However, we also have to protect our home from our girls (as you saw here yesterday). Their playful nature and need to chew necessitates a constant stream of toys in order to protect the things Kev and I value most (like new shoes, the deck, and the cat).

And yes… they’re just as destructive on toys as they are on everything else. We can’t seem to keep them around. Squeakers usually only last about an hour. Stuffing, if we’re foolish enough to give them a toy that contains it, lasts even a shorter time.

For a while now we’ve been giving them the large stuffingless squeaker toys. You know the ones, I mean, right? They look like ducks and skunks and whatnot? The girls love them. They play rip-the-duckie’s-head-off  tug-of-war for hours! The problem is that those toys are expensive! They’re usually around $10 each. So we decided to make our own. We’ve been talking about it forever, but got around to doing it this week.

You can buy replacement squeakers on Amazon pretty reasonably. We got 20 squeakers for $7.30 for a grand total of $0.37 a squeaker.

We also bought half a yard of fleece fabric from JoAnn’s. It is normally $10.99/yard, but we had a 50% one item coupon, bringing our total to $2.75. We estimate that we can get about six toys from a half yard of fleece, bringing the price for one toy to $0.46. The canvas was left over from previous projects.

Because the puppies main goal is to rip their toys to shreds, I didn’t worry about making everything on this toy perfect. I just used the thread color that was already on my sewing machine and my lines aren’t necessarily straight. I figure Rosie and Indy won’t notice (and if they do, I’ve got bigger things to worry about)!

I wanted to make little canvas pockets for the squeakers to fit into so that it would be a little more difficult for the girls (mostly Indy) to get at them. I used some scrap canvas cut into about 8″x4″ strips and sewed it, top and bottom, to a longer (about one foot long and 8 inches wide) strip of canvas. This little pocket was just wide enough for a squeaker to slip in. I repeated this on the other side of the canvas.

After sewing the squeaker pockets and sliding the squeakers in, I pinned the canvas and fleece together. Make sure to put the two good sides together!


Next, I sewed the two sides together, leaving a little slot unsewed so that I could turn the whole thing right-side-out. Once it was finished, I ran a quick stitch to sew the slit closed and Viola! We had a homemade, stuffingless doggie toy that only cost $0.82 to make!

What’s better, in a blind taste test, Indiana preferred the new toy 2-1 to Kevin’s old flip flops!

Have you ever made homemade toys for your doggies? Can you believe that this toy cost less than $1.00 and only fifteen minutes to make? And would you believe that 24 hours after giving it to the girls it only has one little hole in it? Incredible!


8 thoughts on “Doggie Week 2012: Toying Around

  1. I might just have to try that! We learned that Dud man has “killer” instincts because of his breed, aka, he shakes his toys violently to death until we have stuffing everywhere. He’s still on the fence about squeekers (the noise scares him… killer instincts my tush!), but he is slowly liking them more!

  2. Great idea! Dog toys get soooo expensive! Our previous dog really enjoyed ripping toys apart. Jixer is pretty good about not doing that. She does tend to attack squeakers though so once there is a rip in the toy she must have it. She really enjoys fetch so basically she just wants something to retrieve. I’ve never thought to make some toys- thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Dog toys are really expensive; this is a great idea. Unfortunately Stewie would destroy it in less than 30 seconds. We bought him a $1 Halloween tennis ball from PetSmart yesterday. We threw it once, he wouldn’t give it back, and in less than a minute it was in two pieces. His teeth are amazing. I think we need to invest in obedience school…again, lol

    • You know, that’s what I thought about Indy when we first gave it to her. Somehow it’s been a week and she’s only managed to get one hole in it! I did double stitch it really well, so that might be why.

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  5. That’s a great idea! Bot used to destroy toys almost immediately, but in the last year or so he’s decided he enjoys carrying them around more than ripping their guts out. I can actually give him real stuff animals now and just likes to snuggle with them and suck on them (so weird).

    Loving doggie week!

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