Doggie Week 2012: Destroyers of Worlds

This week is going to the dogs here at LHBH! We’re excited to continue the first ever LHBH Doggie Week! Today’s post is all about how sometimes, our pooch is just too much for us! See the pictures below and you’ll understand.

On Friday, we want to feature your pooches! Send us a pic of your puppy and tell us their favorite toy, treat, and activity and you’ll be entered into our drawing for a homemade doggie toy (sized for your baby and complete with squeakers).

Hi, this is Kevin doing a post I’ve wanted to do for a long time: THE DESTROYERS OF WORLDS post. For those of you who know me, this is a common nickname I have for my dogs, especially when they’re bad. At first I thought they would grow out of it, it was only a puppy thing, they don’t know any better. Instead, I’ve learned that they relish the opportunity to break, tear, mangle, munch, smash, pulverize, trounce, annihilate, and utterly destroy everything we like. What’s more, I think they strategically plan not to eat things we don’t care about in order to gain our trust. Then, when we leave them alone for 5 minutes, BAM, the new shoes from London have no heel anymore. Enjoy the pictures illustrating the extensiveness of their destruction.


What Mom? It wasn’t me! Notice the 2 mangled hoses in the background


This is just your standard rip the carpet into shreds chewing


A little more advanced. Inside the pink paper was a $60 Victoria’s Secret Bra never worn, ripped in 3 pieces


This took skill, they had to pull it out of the bag we bought it in. Tags are still on it.

Those were scissors


This is actually the third sprinkler head they ate. Only one we have a picture of though

Oh no, they ate a pillow… where’s the other pillow that was out there?



I found the other pillow…


Awesome, we’ve repainted the dressers…. apparently the dogs thought we didn’t do a good enough job


Awesome rummage sale find! A couple of wood ducks to spray paint silver…well, not if the Destroyers have anything to say about it…


Mom doesn’t really like these slippers, so let’s eat the lining!


Dad’s turn! Let’s eat the $150 remote!




This is what we came home and found after the 4th of July

Not Pictured: Heels from Paris, Heels from America, 3 pairs of flats (they really like Jess’s shoes), 1 pair of Kevin’s Reef Sandals, chair legs, mail, our bedroom carpet (once a week), and more dresser pictures

I want to say that we LOVE our girls Indy and Rosie (aka The Destroyers). Yes they’re a handful, but home wouldn’t be home without them. FYI, we have plenty of toys out for them (like 15+), but rawhides lead to fights so we can’t give them any. Remember to enter our contest! Send us your picture(s). We’ll post them on Friday!

THE SWAG: One homemade squeaky toy for your puppy or homemade doggy treats (your choice)

TO ENTER: Comment on Monday’s post and tell us your puppy’s favorite toy, treat, or game.

GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm

NUMBER OF WINNERS: One lucky LHBH reader

THE FINE PRINT: One entry per e-mail address. We’ll select the winner using and announce it here on Friday. Good luck!

Send us your puppies pic at jessica(dot)m(dot)beals@gmail(dot)com and we’ll enter you a second time!;


Question of the Day: What has your puppy (or kitty) destroyed?


23 thoughts on “Doggie Week 2012: Destroyers of Worlds

  1. Oh my! I thought our dogs were bad!! Jixer tends to only chew things that aren’t so important (kleenex boxes and paper flyers are favourites- they get torn and thrown around the house like confetti… I like to think she is just decorating for our welcome home party). She has got some important things though like some of Shayne’s hats, a pair of shoes or two, my new $40 face wash that I splurged on but nothing too sentimental or precious thankfully.

    Your girls really are adorable and it looks like that’s a good thing! lol

  2. Oh man… that’s rough! It’s great you two can joke about it. My family’s dogs were never too destructive (although Jack likes to pee everywhere whenever mom my leaves him – even if it’s just to go in another room) so I feel some of your pain.

  3. Duds never really ate anything of mine, but right when we first got him, we used to baby gate him in the kitchen (simply because we didn’t know his bathroom tendencies yet). When we returned home we had a destroyed baby gate, chewed up trim, a bleeding dog and a 6 inch hole he tried to dig through in the drywall!

  4. Oh my gosh! Those photos are terrible! Our dog has only destroyed two pairs of shoes. . . and about ever toy we buy her. Dog toys are expensive, especially if they get destroyed after a day or two!

  5. Wow someone who understands our pain! Our year and a half old pup loves wood. He has chewed every corner of every baseboard in our entire house, has chewed huge chunks out of our deck, nearly every table/chair leg in the house, my wooden rocking horse my dad handmade for me as a child, our couch (yes – he ate all the corners off the fabric couch), and so much more. He also doesn’t play with toys, he destroys them. He thinks that’s the point. So he gets one dollar store toy every day or two. And he likes to “decorate” with rope toys – he pulls the strings out one by one and scatters them all over the floor. He gets mad when we clean it up so he does it again! He’s lucky he’s cute….

    • Indy has eaten part of our deck, too! And our chairs. And a tree. And rocks. And pumice grill stones. And our dining room set. And dresser drawers.

      Rosie isn’t really a chewer… She just destroys things when she’s nervous (like when our pet sitter flaked out and never showed when we were on vacation).

  6. Amesome 🙂 If you haven’t tried the nylabones ( they’re totally worth the money. Once Mattie learned that was what was her’s to destroy she stopped trying the bed, couch, and base boards. Luckily no shoes were ever harmed in the process!

    • We got them two real bones in hopes that theyll eat those. So far, one of them will chew on a vine while the other ignores her bone and barks at her sister. Go figure.

      Can’t wait until Homecoming to see you guys!

  7. Oh goodness, I don’t feel so bad about Murphy’s wreckage anymore! He’s a blue heeler, so he is super high energy and needs a lot of exercise… as long as he gets that, he has (for the most part) grown out of his destroyer stage. Since bringing him home, though, he’s gone through… a gift bag full of presents, 8 pairs of flipflops, two pairs of my dress shoes, two pairs of my boyfriend’s dress shoes, a bra, a blouse (he figured out how to open the hamper and took clothes out of it), two down-filled pillows from my great aunt, a dog bed, and every toy we’ve ever bought him. We’ve even tried the black “Extreme” Kong, they are not so indestructible.

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