Doggie Week 2012: Send Us Your Doggies!

…Or at least pictures of them! This week is going to the dogs here at LHBH! We’re excited to announce the first ever LHBH Doggie Week! We’ll be sharing some doggie themed DIY projects, doggie recipes, and some stories about our puppies.

On Friday, we want to feature your pooches! Send us a pic of your puppy and tell us their favorite toy, treat, and activity and you’ll be entered into our drawing for a homemade doggie toy (sized for your baby and complete with squeakers).














THE SWAG: One homemade squeaky toy for your puppy or homemade doggy treats (your choice)

TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us your puppy’s favorite toy, treat, or game.

GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm

NUMBER OF WINNERS: One lucky LHBH reader

THE FINE PRINT: One entry per e-mail address. We’ll select the winner using and announce it here on Friday. Good luck!

Send us your puppies pic at jessica(dot)m(dot)beals@gmail(dot)com and we’ll enter you a second time!;

PS. If you don’t have a puppy, tell us about one near and dear to you (or about whatever pet you have)!


16 thoughts on “Doggie Week 2012: Send Us Your Doggies!

  1. Our dog Topper loves to chase squeaky balls down our hallway, but her favorite thing to do is shove her toys under the couch and bark until we get it and throw it for her! It’s a good thing she is cute!

  2. My dog’s favorite game is… fetch! Shocker, I know. He loves it when we throw the tennis ball as fast as we can so he can stretch his mini greyhound legs.

  3. We have 2 adorable pups- with 2 very different personalities.

    Jersey loves any and all toys that resemble a ball- Tennis ball, baseball, basketball, etc. He will forego treats and water because he hates to drop a ball once he’s got it in his mouth.

    Cowgirl is a bit of a diva and only likes the toys that Jersey is interested in playing with at that moment.

  4. Dudley loves anything he can demolish (anything soft he can shake to death hehe), or rawhides. And his favorite activity is either going for walks or taking up 3/4 of our king sized bed.

  5. Our dog is obsessed with a floppy yellow frisbee that lives at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. Whenever we go out there for a weekend (which is generally one or two times a month), he stands at the back door staring at the frisbee until someone plays with him. All weekend.

  6. Well… Lucky loves everything BUT toys… We say she’s a psycho dog haha 🙂 I’ve spent God knows how much money on toys, but she could care less. We go to the dog park and instead of playing with toys or other dogs, she smells rocks, trees, etc… I love my Lucky though 🙂

  7. Roni’s favorite toy is her partially deflated soccer ball. It’s the only thing that has lasted. She loves anything that squeaks but manages to destroy most toys in short order. Recently a friend brought her a partially deflated rugby ball. He’s trying to get her to change allegiances.

  8. Wow! the adorable pupsters sound like a handful – I note the destruction caused on July 4th. Do you think they did that partly because they were freaked out by any neighborhood fireworks? I’ve owned cats all my life, and when 4th of July comes around, I resort to keeping them inside with the doors/windows closed to muffle the sound of the fireworks (a little bit) and with a radio or tv on for the same reason. It helps some to keep them from freaking out, though they often can still pick up the sound of the high-pitched little firecrackers that go “eeeeeee.” They hate those even more than the big booming firecrackers.

    • It may well have been fireworks. We had left the girls at home with a pet sitter (which we may/may not do again), so we’re pretty sure anxiety of some sort probably caused it (especially since the culprit was Rosie who is usually not a chewer).

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