Putting the FUN in Funky

Yesterday, we shared our progress demo-ing the huge, ugly structures in our backyard. We had intended to work on them again last night (since all our sore parts had stopped being sore from the last demo day), but a morning of rain made the backyard too muddy to work in– and so the demo waits until another day.

As I promised, here is a early, early mood board for our back yard. I’m still coming up with new ideas every day, so check back often for updated versions!

1. If one can be in love with lanterns, I’m in love with these Parker Lanterns from Z Gallerie. They’re on sale right now for $10 each and I’m having to physically restrain myself from buying one of each color. I’d love to have then hanging from the large tree in the yard. EDIT: I gave in and bought three of these lanterns right after lunch! They only have black in stock, so we’ll paint them to match our chairs!

2. We fell in love with these metal rockers at a local bar here in Dallas. After scouring antique stores for ages hoping to pick some up for reasonable prices, we managed to pick up four over the 4th of July weekend! We haven’t refinished them yet, but have done tons of research on how to remove their rust!

3. & 4. If I can’t be in love with lanterns, I’m most certainly in love with all things Mexican Talavera. The pottery has such vibrant colors… it’s the inspiration for our entire back yard color scheme! I’d also love to bring some tropical plants (like this banana palm) into the yard to give it a relaxed, beachy feel!

5. The colors on this outdoor fabric would be perfect for pillows on our vintage rockers. Plus, I’d finally be jumping on the chevron bandwagon! And at only $9/yard it wouldn’t break the bank.

6. Since we started this yard project I’ve envisioned strings of large white lights crisscrossing the patio to give it that perfect summertime atmosphere. These from World Market just might do the trick.

7. I really like the idea of an outdoor rug (or two) to break up the expanse of crushed granite on the patio. The terra cotta tones in this one from Overstock.com is picked up in the talavera pottery.

What do you think? What colors would you put on your patio? Anyone want to come down for a back yard warming party when we get done?


19 thoughts on “Putting the FUN in Funky

  1. LOVE those laterns too! And I’m all about using white lights in the outdoors. It creates such an awesome atmosphere. We want to put some in our porch. We purchased a few strings from Home Depot and then returned htem because the green cord would have stuck out like a sore thumb against our white ceiling and trim. 😦 So now we are looking to purchase some online. Woohoo!

    Can’t wait to see your “early” plans come to life! 🙂

  2. I think you can totally love lanterns because I love those too!! The chevron fabric is great as well and those planters are awesome. I am totally in love with the large white string lights too- must find a way to incorporate those into our outdoor space sometime! Love where you are headed and can’t wait to see it happen!

  3. I noticed your comment on YoungHouseLove bemoaning the lack of awesome thrift shops in Dallas. So I had to pop over to say, “Amen.” We just moved to town, and I haven’t found anywhere good/cheap. Is there any hope at all?

    Anyway, love the blog. I’m over at http://www.nokoikonomia.com I’ll be following along now!

    • I don’t think so. There’s a few down around Baylor hospital, but they (and the neighborhood) are super sketchy and they never have anything good.

      There’s a few consignment stores around, but they’re all from the Park Cities, so the prices are still astronomical.

      We’re on the hunt though! Let me know if you find any good ones!

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