Remember when I said we’d made a rule that we wouldn’t start on a new project until the one we were working on was 100% finished? Yeah. About that. See, it was gorgeous in Dallas this weekend and we wanted to be outside. Unfortunately, since we’re down to sewing pillows, curtains, and accessorizing in the bedroom there wasn’t anything we could work on outside. So… we started on the back yard.

We love our back yard. It’s fairly big for our neighborhood, has several big trees in/overhanging it, and has the potential to be an awesome entertaining spot. I say has the potential… right now it’s a muddy, tangled mess. Someday, though, we want it to look like this. The gravel area will be crushed granite and imagine the coffee table in the seating arrangement is a fire pit. You can see the little garden over there on the right side and our future hot tub there on the corner of the deck. The entire yard is surrounded by a 8′ privacy fence that, thanks to the big hail storm in June, we get to have professionally restained. Oh, and there’s a little sidewalk going from the deck to the garage, but I forgot to add that in.

As it stands today, there’s a few structures impeding our gorgeous expanse of green grass and French granite patio: the structures. Here they are sketched in on top of the future layout.

A lot of people have said that they like what we call “the structures.” We think they chop up the back yard, are poorly constructed, and are just plain ugly. So we’re tearing them out in preparation for our new back yard! If you follow us on Instagram (@littlehousebigheart) you may have already seen a sneak peak at the carnage.

As you can see, we’re about half way done tearing down the bar. You can see the covered deck/dead hot tub in the background. It’s up next. We’re hoping to get the rest of the bar down tonight (it’s only supposed to be 80 F here today, so we’re going to take advantage of the cold weather).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we did do some research into demolition permits. Turns out you only need one in Dallas county if the structure you’re tearing down is larger than 100 sq. feet, so we’re good!

What do you think of our back yard plans? I think I need to put a mood board together for it! Would you tear down “the structures?”


11 thoughts on “Backyardigans

  1. I saw your preview on Instagram so I knew you had skipped ahead. I would have done the same! We are currently juggling indoor and outdoor projects too but I keep putting the outdoor one in front because it’s so weather specific! I think I would remove the structures too- I like big wide open spaces and they seem to take up a lot of space physically as well as visually. I’m sure your puppies will enjoy having the big green area to run and play in too! Can’t wait to see this take shape!!

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