Thursday Dilemma: A Lamp Unto My Bedside

It seems we’re really working hard on our bedroom makeover these days– mostly because of our new self-imposed rule that we can’t work on another project until this one is completed… remember our project ADD? It’s only gotten worse. So we decided to ixnay all other projects until the bedroom is 100% complete.  The sooner we finish it, the sooner we can move on to greener pastures (like the back yard!)

One major step to finishing the bedroom is accessorizing our dressers and nightstands. I haven’t even started, save for the two lamps we were given by Kevin’s mom (thanks Mary!) last winter. They’re simple white candlestick lamps that have tons of potential.

I just don’t know what sort of potential.

I’m not a big fan of the white on white on white of the shade, base, and table, so I think if anything I’d like to spraypaint the base and maybe cover the white shades (with burlap for texture?).

I’ve also considered putting these lamps by for the spare bedroom and going with something else here. I’m very fond of the trendy glass lamps out there these days (like the on below, on sale at our Target) and have even thought of DIYing something like the driftwood lamp below.



We’ve got to come up with something and soon. It’s going to be cool enough to start working on the back yard before too long (there’s not a single day in the 100s in the forecast!!) and we don’t want to waste any of the perfect fall weather working inside!

I need your advice! What would you do? Would you spray paint the candlestick lamps that we already own (and what color)? Would you save the candle sticks for the spare bedroom and buy new? Help! I’m drowning in options and indecision!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Dilemma: A Lamp Unto My Bedside

  1. I like the two options you posted but I think it’s worth painting the bases of the lamps you have a bright color (maybe a coral?). If you hate it or want to move them to another room, you can always re-paint them. I’ve spray painted ours twice already and it was a piece of cake 🙂

  2. I’m on this bandwagon too! I think coral bases on the lamps would be amazing! Coral is such a great colour and would really brighten it up! Once you have that, then you can think of some way to dress up the shade or maybe you will like the white shade with a coloured base. They are great starting points though!

  3. I must say- the first thing I thought of was your coral paintings. I’d suggest spraying the base coral and depending on the accent metal in the room “aging” it with gold or silver around the changing planes. I like that combined with your burlap idea for the shade and you still have the option to really beach it up or glam it with beading or trim around the base of the shade if it’s still not enough after the paint and burlap.

    FYI-My site will be up (even in initial phase form) this weekend so if you try to follow my link to my site now, don’t judge!

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