Dallas Restaurant Week

Kevin and I love cooking our own meals in the comfort of our own kitchen. I love filling the house with the good smells of a well prepared meal and knowing that I made that delicious concoction all on my own. For me, there’s nothing like cooking to relax you, to take your mind off of what ails you and instead, focus all your energy on making others happy with food.

There are times, however, when I’m lazy, when the kitchen’s clean and I don’t want to mess it up, when the refrigerator is empty and the grocery store is a thousand miles away. In those times, we like to eat out. Being self-proclaimed foodies, we love to eat out at some of the hip (and delicious) restaurants around the big D and dream of sitting down in some of the darkened, storied establishments around town that cost our entire month’s eating out budget for just one meal. For one of us. Those restaurants are just out of our price range.

We don’t have to despair, though! There is a way to get to enjoy some of the finer meals in Dallas– Dallas Restaurant Week!

We had no idea it even existed until one of our friends told us about it yesterday. It works like this: many of the restaurants on the posher side of life set a prix-fixe menu of a few appetizers, entrees, and desserts from their regular menu. For $35 a person, you can choose one of each category and say you’ve eaten at So-and-So’s Fancy Pants Cafe.

Last night we had pan seared sea bass with Bearnaise sauce and roasted asparagus at a steak house in Plano (I meant to take a picture, but forgot… oops). This weekend we’re going to try to get into the fanciest places we can. It’s a lot of fun (and pretty darn tasty, too!).

Many other large cities across the US have similar weeks. New York currently has a prix-fixe event going on as well as Washington DC. Boston‘s is coming up and good ‘ol Indianapolis’ just ended this Sunday.

Check out Open Table to see when there’s a Restaurant Week near you!



4 thoughts on “Dallas Restaurant Week

  1. We have something similar in Canada in our area too. It’s a month long though and there are about 30 or so restaurants that partake. It’s $25 per person but has the same prix-fixe menu with 3 selections. It’s great!! I love that we can afford to try the fancy places sometimes.

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