Blogiversary Week: The House Blogger’s Book Club

Drumroll please! Congratulations to Kristen from Old House New Folks for being selected by as the winner of our $5o West Elm gift  card! Her favorite LHBH posts are our gardening posts. Boy do we have a doozy of a  post for you next week!

It’s been a pretty big week around here at LHBH: our first giveaway, reader survey, open Q&A, and video house tour! Thanks so much for your participation, but we’re not done yet! Today is the first ever meeting of the House Blogger’s Book Club!

All this month we’ve been reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Ok, Maye not all month for me. Not even all week, to be honest. I finished reading Game of Thrones on Sunday night and only on Monday night did I start the FNKC. I was reluctant to read it; A Clash of Kings is sitting on my nightstand, just waiting for me- but I did read it. I’ll warn you, this contains spoilers about the novel. If you haven’t read it, you might want to wait to read my thoughts until you have! I don’t want to ruin it for you!

Overall, I enjoyed the novel. The characters, if somewhat predictable in their typecasting, were down-to-earth and likeable enough. They’re women experiencing the same emotions we all do- fear, love, uncertainty, grief- and that gives us something to cling on to in each of them. Darwin was too smart growing up to have many friends in school.  Georgia had curly hair that frizzed out at the slightest hit of humidity. Dakota loved making the members of the club happy with her baking. Check, check, and check for me. I felt that there was something in each woman I could relate to on some level, even if it was just her woman-ness and the uncertainty of whether or not she was doing the right thing for herself and for her family. Been there, done that, too.

To me, that was the overarching theme of the novel: family. It’s not the “you can’t keep a woman down” theme of Georgia’s success, nor the “life is short, make it what you can” theme thrown in there at the end. It’s Georgia, Dakota, and James, Anita and her sons and Marty, Darwin and Dan, Lucie and her mother and her baby.  No matter what the plot subjects them to, it’s the families in the novel that make it what it is. But then, when you think about it, it’s families that make just about everything in life, isn’t it? And it doesn’t matter whether the members of your family are your own flesh and blood (like Georgia and Dakota) or not (like KC and Cat); if you have them there with you, you can make it. Oh man. I need to go call my mom.

I did feel like some things were only dabbled with and probably should have either become more of a theme or left out all together. I felt like race, social class, and even aging and cancer were picked up, toyed with, then left hanging. I suppose it kept the novel light instead of a deep, dark study of race and single mothers, but it felt like the author touched on those issues just enough to say, hey, look, I talked about this! I’m progressive.

I really did enjoy the novel and I can’t wait for next month’s! If you posted about FNKC you should be able to post your link on the tool below. It won’t show a thumbnail like YHL (something about self-hosting/wordpress-hosted blogs), but if you click on the icon it’ll take you to the links. If you didn’t post but still want to discuss, post your thoughts in the comments! I’m excited to see what y’all thought of it!

What did you think about The Friday Night Knitting Club? What about that curve ball in the end with Georgia? Anyone see that one coming?? Me either!


7 thoughts on “Blogiversary Week: The House Blogger’s Book Club

  1. I totally dropped the ball on this one. I’ve got a tiny bit of free time this weekend that I’m going to try and read it! Now if I could only find my book…

  2. Thanks so much, you guys! I am thrilled to win (I never win these things!) and can’t wait to start shopping for the perfect West Elm piece. Maybe I’ll even get a blog post out of it. 🙂

  3. I read it – and had he same reactions. I should probably do a post on my thoughts of the book, huh? Ok – maybe I’ll get my fingers in gear and get one out this week! What’s the next book?

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