Blogiversary Week: A Little House Tour

If you haven’t got around to it yet, be sure to fill out our reader survey. While you’re at it, check out Monday’s post, tell us your favorite LHBH post, and be entered into the drawing for our $50 West Elm giveaway!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, our first ever video! Enjoy this tour of the Little House (and please ignore the fact that my hand is visible in about 90% of the video… we’re first timers)!

Come back tomorrow to join in the first House Blogger’s Book Club discussion of The Friday Night Knitting Club and to find out if you won the $50 West Elm Giveaway!!


13 thoughts on “Blogiversary Week: A Little House Tour

    • It’s plastic! I always forget to water house plants. It’s an asparagus fern, though, and they do look like that. An even more beautiful (and closely related) version is the Myers or Foxtail Fern. My parent’s have one in their greenhouse that is about 40 years old and it is BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Loved the video! It definitely helps to see how the rooms connect and flow! Your voice is different than I pictured but that happens every time I hear the voices of other bloggers. My voice is so high and squeaky on video- I despise it! lol.

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