Blogiversary Week: Getting to Know Us

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It’s our first Blogiversary Week! Yesterday we posted a reader survey so that we could get to know you all a little better. Today, we thought we’d share a little about ourselves so you can get to know us a little, too. The question, however, was how to talk about ourselves. Just writing up our life stories seemed a little tedious and a little boring. Instead, we decided we’ll let you ask the questions. We’ll give the bare minimum (name, DOB, favorite jello flavor, etc) and then you can ask us questions. We’ll answer them throughout the day!

Here goes. We hope this works!

Name: Jessica Beals
Birthday: June 8
Hometown: Hope, Indiana (it’s a bustling metropolis)
Favorite Jello Flavor: Lime, definitely Lime.
Little Known Fact(s): I can shoot a bow, herd cattle, and drive a stick. I’m allergic to bees.
Favorite Sport: Indianapolis Colts Football (that’s me, my dad, and my sister at a game in the old RCA Dome in Indianapolis)
Currently Reading:  A Clash of Kings and The Friday Night Knitting Club

Name: Kevin Beals
Hometown: Mattoon, IL
Favorite Food: Jambayla (see recipe here)
Favorite Color: Green
Birthday: July 20
Brand of Shoe: Brooks / Bass
Season: Winter (It’s coming!)
Favorite Wife: Jess!

Ask us anything you’d like to know and be entered for a SECOND CHANCE at our $50 West Elm Giveaway!!

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26 thoughts on “Blogiversary Week: Getting to Know Us

    • 1. We met a a mixer between Kevin’s fraternity and my sorority (they cooked us dinner). We went to a school that was 80% male, but at that dinner the girls outnumbered the guys. The reinforcements were called, and Kevin happened to sit across from me. We talked about the Colts, Mustangs, and engineering school for hours. The rest, they say, is history.

      2. We’ve been married just over a year (although it feels like much longer and not nearly that long all at once). We were married on June 4, 2011 in Indianapolis. 🙂

      3. We started LHBH as a way to share our progress on the Little House with our families (which are spread all across the country from Indiana to Florida). It’s blossomed as a way for us to exercise our DIY, crafting, and cooking muscles!

      Thanks for asking!

  1. I was just going to ask you if you went to Purdue…since you are from Indiana and studied engineering…but I don’t think it was 80% male, so I’m guessing not! That’s where I went for Industrial Engineering (snoozefest).
    Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary =)

    • We went to a small school in Terre Haute, Indiana called Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. It was all male until the mid 90’s and still has a really off guy/girl ratio. My dad graduated from there, so there wasn’t much of a decision on where to go for me.

      We had a saying at Rose: “Friends don’t let friends go to Purdue.” 😉 We also called it Pur-don’t. Clever, I know. I’m not sure why we had animosity towards West Lafayette, but we did. It’s a great engineering school and lots of my high school friends ended up there!

    • We had been surviving a long distance relationship for about six months when Kevin came up from Dallas for a home playoff game of our all-time favorite (American) football team, the Indianapolis Colts. I had been hinting to Kevin for a while (in not so subtle ways) that proposing at a Colts game would be a perfect way to ensure I’d say yes, so after the game came and went with no ring, I was a little miffed. Hadn’t he gotten the idea? I tried hinting again, but I was met with a blank stare, nod, and a brief uh-huh to let me know he was still alive. I gave up hope and resigned myself to waiting it out.

      Later that week, Kevin informed me that one of his Pike brothers had received a free tour of Lucas Oil Stadium and wanted us to come go up with him. When arrived at the stadium, we were ushered in by a stadium employeeT. he employee said that we’d start with the field, since that’s what most people want to see. As we walked out of the visiting teams entrance, my eyes adjusted to the stadium’s dim interior and I began pointing out where our season tickets were located. It took nearly thirty seconds for me to realize that Kevin was standing on the 50 yard line in a suit and tie. As realization dawned on me, I hurried to center field where Kevin stood fidgeting. He took my hands in his and told me how much he loved me, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Before he could even get the ring on my finger, I had shouted ‘Of Course,’ pulled him to his feet, and thrown my arms around his neck. At that moment, cheers erupted from the sideline; Kevin had invited my parents, sister, grandmothers, and our closest friends to witness his proposal. I was utterly speechless.

      It was big news in the small town where we went to college; you can see a video from the local new station about it here. Don’t judge… I was a senior in college and it was winter finals week.

    • Right now, we’re committed to Texas. I just started a new job, Kevin loves his, and we wouldn’t leave the Little House for the world. We miss our families terribly and a few years (and maybe a baby) from now we might feel differently, but for the time being we’re transplanted Texans!

  2. Such good questions so far- they took most of mine (how’d you meet? How did he propose? etc). I love the proposal- that is amazing!!

    I guess my question now would be do you guys like living in Texas? Was it hard for you to move that far from home?

    • I still is hard to be this far from our families. We have two young nieces we’d love to see everyday if we could. We miss them tons.

      When Kevin was getting job offers, he had several from different cities all across the US. He asked me where I’d like to go. “Anywhere but Texas,” I said. Now that I’m here, though, I love it. I grew up in the country, but I love city life. The people are friendly, the weather’s always warm, and you can get fried-just-about-anything at the State Fair. Plus, there’s no state income tax. 🙂

  3. So many fun questions above! What I what to know is what made you (Jess) decide to study engineering (I’ve only met one other female engineer besides you)??

    • Growing up I swore I’d never be an engineer (since my dad was one). It seemed so boring and math-y to me. Instead, I planned on going to Butler University and double majoring in literature and ballet. Somewhere along the way, I learned the phrase “starving artist” and decided that maybe I didn’t want to be a writer or professional ballet dancer. In both cases, I loved food to much to sacrifice for a career.

      In the end, I decided on engineering for several reasons. One, it pays pretty good. Two, against my will, I’m good a science and math. And three, there aren’t many women in engineering. I loved the idea of being the first woman to create or discover something. As it is right now I’m the only female engineer in my office and I find that so challenging (in a good way).

  4. When you started blogging what domain/server did you use (not sure what the proper term is)? I want to start a blog but am not sure where to begin and don’t wat to commit, especially money-wise, just yet.

    • I started on (and am still using) It’s completely free to start a blog. You can start one here. You can add upgrades along the way if you like. I know some people who use and really like it as well.

      Good luck!!

    • We do a little of both! We live about four blocks from one of the bar districts in town, so it’s really easy to just walk down to Greenville Ave, have a few with friends, and walk home. And we love to eat out as much as we love to cook… it’s where we get ideas for new things to make. We love having people over, too. We have a kegerator in our garage and wine fridge built into our kitchen cabinets (we’re not alchies, I promise!!), so it always makes for a fun time when friends com over. We can’t wait until our backyard is ready to go, though, because that will make staying in even better!

      France was incredible. We had so much fun driving through the French countryside visiting castles and Paris, well, it’s Paris. Enough said. Tahiti was amazingly beautiful. Our next trip will probably be to Vietnam!

  5. Kevin did a very, very good job proposing! I teared up a little! My fake question… did you get to keep your pink hard hat? (I have been informed R will have a miniature one). And real question… What sorority are you in (If I remember the old banner correctly, Tri Delta??) and what fraternity is Kevin in? I’m a Tri Sigma!

    • No! They made me give it back. 😦 But I did get a new at my new job (for when I visit oil wells), so I’m not completely hard-hat-less.

      I’m a Tri-Delta, Gamma Pi Chapter! We only had three sororities on campus (because there were fewer than 400 girls in our entire school), so everyone was either a Chi-O, Tri-Delta, or AOII.

      Kevin is a Pike (Pi Kappa Alpha). I spent so much time hanging out at their house that I love his fraternity brothers almost as much as my sorority sisters!

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