Workin’ on the Chain Gang

Work on the bedroom is coming along slowly, but steadily. This weekend we finally completed the install of the bedroom chandelier. It had been up for a couple of weeks and we loved the overall look, but wanted it to hang a little higher. Kevin is 6′ 4″, after all, so it needed to be high enough he didn’t bang his head on it (he has enough screws loose without hitting his head every morning). Unfortunately, the hain and cord Ikea provided were way too long. We looped them up with an “S” hook for the short term, but that left all the excess cord and chain hanging down in the middle of all the crystally gorgeousness.

To fix it, we thought it would be a simple matter of detaching the upper part of the fixture, pulling removing the chain, pulling the excess cord through, and reinstalling. Fifteen minutes and bada-boom, we’d be done. We forgot that nothing ever works that way, though.  We couldn’t remove the upper part of the fixture like we’d planned (the wiring was pretty intense up in there), so there was no way to remove the chain. We were bummed, but where there’s a will (and two engineers with pliers and a hacksaw), there’s always a way.

We ended up  having to cut off every link in the chain (which took upwards of an hour) before we could pull the excess cord up through the top of the fixture. They were squirrely little things which required both of us to hold them while Kev went at them with the hacksaw.

Once the chain was gone, we were able to pull the excess cord up through the top of the chandelier and rubberband (we couldn’t find any zip ties) the excess. Our power was off during this entire process, by the way. We didn’t want the bare wires of our fixture just hanging out live.

Before we rehung the chandelier, we added a ceiling medallion to cover where the ceiling fan had previously hung. The hole around the junction box was unnecessarily large, but we didn’t feel up to patching the plaster (with all the texture on the ceiling). The medallion was much easier; it just slipped over the wires and covered the hole perfectly. I think it gives a really finished look, too.

I don’t have a good picture of the finished product, but I’ll be sure to include on this Friday when I give a full update of the bedroom. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the second installment of Kevin’s “Handyman Wednesdays!”

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6 thoughts on “Workin’ on the Chain Gang

    • I initially asked Kev for one on a dimmer switch. We compromised by just installing the chandelier, sans dimmer (because Kev said they’re bad in homes with old wiring like ours).

      And one would look great in your bedroom. 😉

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