West Elm

Happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome weekend! The hubs and I definitely did. We worked on the bedroom on Saturday (I’ll share about that later this week) and spent Sunday after church pigging out at a festival here in Dallas. We also hit up one of my all-time favorite stores, West Elm.

As we were shopping my eyes were popping like a fifteen year old boy at Hooters for the first time. Seriously, I love just about everything in that store. Like I want to marry it and move it into the Little House right this minute. Kevin can share. I was running around picking things up, snapping pics with my phone, and oohing and aahing all over the place. The sales people probably thought I was a little unstable.

I loved this pillow. The colors were gorgeous and the fabric was a wonderfully smooth silk that would be oh-so-comfortable to curl up with on the couch. But at $25 for the pillow cover and another $20 for the pillow form (on sale) this guy was a little out of our price range.

I wanted to take this coral and burlap lamp home with me for our bedroom, but it was still $105 on sale. Wouldn’t it have been perfect in our “Relaxing Coastal Chic” room though? (I also love the papa, mama, and baby bear sized tea cups in this pic! They’re so fun!)

These initialed catch-alls were marked down from $9 to three. We bought a K and  J for our nightstands. I really think the pop of bright blue will look great with the icy blue and coral we have going in there now.

This sleek, modern buffet was one of my favorite pieces in the store. I loved it’s shiny white lacquered finish and all the storage space. I didn’t even look at the price. I couldn’t bear to.

We did come home with a couple of things besides the catch-alls. Back in the corner of the store (hiding in the clearance section) were two jute rugs, one 6×8 and one 8×10. They were marked down– $105 and $250 respectively. They looked so lonely back there, rolled up away from all their other rug friends. After some quick haggling (by my awesome deal-making hubby) with one of the store managers we got them reduced to $75 and $195 each and loaded them into the back of our Explorer.

Doesn’t the 6’x8′ look great in the dining room? I love the warm tones from the jute against the cool gray walls and black table. And see that blank wall there? That’s the future home of our travel frame ledge.

I’ll be back later this week with a bedroom update to show our progress in there (and our new rug!).

What did you do this weekend? How awesome is West Elm? Have you ever scored some awesome deals just by asking the manager if they could do anything better than the marked price?


11 thoughts on “West Elm

  1. The rug does look great under the dining table! I haven’t been to many West Elms now that I think of it… might have to go when we’re in Dallas! Which reminds me, do you have any recommendations for restaurants/things to do while we’re there? We’ll be staying at the Richardson DoubleTree so we’ll probably rent a car.

      • No way, what a coincidence! Well we’ll only be there from Thursday afternoon til Saturday afternoon so we’re basically looking for something my bf can do on his own on Friday (he doesn’t really speak English, just a bit) , plus someplace we can check out together in the evenings. We both like walking around new places/checking out local markets/eating someplace nice while on vacation. We’ve never been to Dallas (or Texas for that matter), so I don’t know, something that’s typical there?

  2. I’ve never been to a West Elm store – just their website! I’d love to go sometime – and your post makes me want to go even more! You should give us Kevin’s tips on how to haggle down a price. I’d love to know how you guys did that!

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