Creaky Friday

Alright. I’m drawing a blank. Do you ever have those days when you just don’t have anything to post? Yeah. Today’s one of those days. We have a gagillion projects in the works (and about that many planned), and yet I have no current photos, no updates, nada.

Instead, here’s a teaser about one of the projects we may be starting this weekend.

We picked these beauties up on the way home from Missouri last weekend. They were only $35 each (compared to about $100 in antique stores here in Dallas), so we bought as many as we could fit in our Explorer. We may or may not get around to getting them started, but they’re sitting in the garage, ready to go!

What colors would you paint vintage metal rocking chairs? Do you ever have days when you’re scrambling to find something to post? What are your plans for the weekend?



8 thoughts on “Creaky Friday

  1. I can totally relate! Sometimes I have a bunch of projects going at once but don’t take photos or the time to plan out tutorials, or what I’m doing just does’t seem like it’d be all that interesting to blog about. It doesn’t look like I’ve been busy, but I swear I have! lol

  2. I challenged myself with getting 4 posts up per week for three weeks (I’m in week 2) and it really is a CHALLENGE!
    As for the chairs, I would wait until the backyard starts getting pulled together (assuming that’s where you’re putting them) before making a decision, because the way that evolves might influence an “aha” moment that the chairs can fill!
    On the other side of the coin, spraypainting a few chairs can be an “easy win” and jumpstart some of those HPADD projects you talked about yesterday 🙂

  3. I like the idea of different bright colors – or aqua! I’m totally in love with the fun, bright, summery aqua! the great thing is – you can paint them one color now and if you change your mind you can paint them again!

    Or orange! That would be bright and fun too!

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