Kevin and I have a serious condition. We’ve not been formally diagnosed, but I’m fairly convinced (after reading up on WebMD and Pinterest) that we have a pretty advanced case of HPADD, otherwise known as House Project ADD. Symptoms include (but aren’t necessarily limited to):

  • Juggling multiple improvement or craft projects in one’s place of living
  • Starting one project only to drop it and begin another
  • Forgetting a project had been started, only to rediscover it a month later
  • Ignoring everyday tasks (such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking at home) in order to pursue multiple projects at once
  • A cluttered home, half finished rooms, and unmowed lawns
  • Piles of project supplies scattered throughout one’s place of residence

Not all symptoms will necessarily present at once, though the more symptoms you’re experienceing, the more dire your case. This is compounded by the number of projects currently under way. Unfortunately, for us, we not only have each and every one of the above mentioned issues, but I honestly don’t know how many irons we have in our DIY fire at the moment. Let’s count them, shall we?

  1. Bedroom Chandelier: The Ikea chandy has been installed, but must be taken down, shortened, and rehung. Status: Incomplete

  2. Dressers and Nightstands: We painted these a satin white, but are finding out that the satin is too hard to keep clean. We’re going to repaint them a gloss white. Also the doggies ate the corners of two of the drawers, so we have to putty, sand, and repaint them, too. Also, we don’t have knobs for the drawers yet. Status: Incomplete
  3. Backyard Structures Demolition: The lovely structures the previous owners brought are mid-demo. We’re considering whether we want to take on the giant concrete hot tub demo ourselves, or have professionals come in and take over where we’ve stopped. We’re removed all the improperly laid flagstone and have started demoing the smaller structure, but are stalled on the way to our master backyard plans. Status: Incomplete.

  4. Dining Room Photo Ledge: We’ve bought materials and frames for this one, but haven’t actually started construction. Status: In the works.

  5. Super secret weekend project to be hinted at tomorrow but not revealed here (but it involves places to put your tooshies outside on the someday patio and our recent trip to Branson). Status: In the works.
  6. Repainting the bedroom trim: We painted all the trim in the house (including the bedroom) Creamy White by Behr. After painting all of our bedroom furniture a crisp, true white, the trim simply looks dingy and yellowed. Thus, we’re contemplating breaking out the tape and liquid deglosser and painting all of our trim… again. Status: In contemplation.


Lots of other projects are planned, but we’re trying to hold back and beat the HPADD. With so many opportunities for projects in a house like the LH, though, it’s so hard to resist!

Do you suffer from HPADD? What projects do you have going on at once? What did you think about Handyman Wednesday??


7 thoughts on “HPADD

  1. YES! We suffer from HPADD! Part of it comes from being renters and not wanting to do too much work to someone else’s place (even though it would definitely be an upgrade!) Things like repainting the interior doors, unjamming old windows that can’t open, painting the inside of the garage (some kids had graffitied it with hot pink and blue)…

  2. I though HPADD was completely normal. We definitely have it – two tiles that need to be done in the bathroom, the molding that needs to go up in the bedroom, the light fixture in the family room, oh yes the list goes on!

    It’s just all part of the fun. The scary part is to think what we would do with ourselves (and all that time) if we ever finished everything!

  3. Yes! I have so many uncompleted projects right now! There are patio chairs in my backyard that have been there almost a month, a half painted bathroom, and tons of stuff that hasn’t been hung. Not to mention the house needs a good scrubbing and I’ve let the laundry pile up! There needs to be more time in the day, or an extra day to the weekend (but in all reality it probably wouldn’t help lol).

  4. Ha! The same thing happens to us. I’ve found that the best way to finish a project is to be inconvenienced by it. Case in point: we finished installing the second vanity tonight at 11.30PM because using the guest bath was a hassle yesterday. Now that we have running water in our bathroom again I’m pretty sure I won’t get around to finishing the master bath revamp.

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