Handyman Wednesday #1: The Toolbox

First things first, this is Kevin, not Jess.  This series is going to be written by me explaining things that I think a lot of people don’t know how to do, but should.  I haven’t told Jess I’m writing this, so when she reads this, she’ll be as surprised as any of you.  The goal here isn’t to make anyone feel bad, but instead to make you feel ready if a problem occurs.


The most important thing to being a handyman is having a toolbox with the necessary supplies.  I’m not talking about making everyone go out and spend $1000 on tools, but for around $50, you can get a pretty decent working tool-set.


There are many brands of tools out there.  You can get a $1.50 tool at walmart and a $20 tool at home depot that look identical except for the name.  In short, unless you plan on doing a lot of work with it, buy the cheap tool.  If you never want to replace it, buy the expensive tool.  Personally, I prefer Sears Craftsman hand tools above all because they carry a lifetime warranty and I tend to beat up my tools.  Craftsman’s value line of tools named “Evolv” have a lifetime warranty too, but you need to keep your receipt.  If you ever find a bent or broken Craftsman tool at a garage sale for cheap (like $0.25 or something), buy it and bring it into sears.  You’ll leave with a shiny new replacement.


If you don’t own many tools, the best thing to do is buy a “set”.  But what consitiutes a complete set?  Every Tool Set should have the following:

Good things to have but not required:

Now for the reveal of approved sets by Kevin:

Craftsman Evolv 45 pc. Homeowner Set Standard/Metric


The Original Pink Box 30-piece Pink Tool Set


iWork Pink 50 pc. Home Tool Set


Or, my set (a little more expensive, no hammer, tape measure or pliers, but lifetime warranty)


Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes have plenty of sets too.  It’s also a great idea to keep a set in your car.

Next week I’ll be discussing the basic home maintenance you SHOULD be doing every month.  Check back in next Wednesday for my suggestions.

Are there any tools I left out?  What’s your favorite tool in your house?  Any big tools on your wishlist (I want a grinder)?


10 thoughts on “Handyman Wednesday #1: The Toolbox

  1. Great post! I would have to add the drill to the required list though – I can’t do ANYTHING without it! Maybe I’m just not strong enough 🙂 Also this is pretty specific but if you’re doing any plumbing at all I recommend a basin wrench. Love that thing!

  2. We bought a Dewalt set of power tools (cordless drill, saw, sander, etc) when we started building stuff and we’ve used them a ton. Definitely worth the expense!

  3. Great post Kevin – Jess will be so shocked! And I thoroughly appreciate that you included some pink tool sets for us ladies. I agree with Lindsay I would have to add a drill and a miter saw. I couldn’t live without mine!

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