Vacay Photo Dump

I’m starting my new job today! That being said, all I have for you today is a photo dump of our Ozarks vacation with my family for the 4th of July (which also happened to be my parent’s 26th anniversary). We stayed at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri (right outside of Branson). We spent most of our time in or on the water, trying to beat the Midwest heat wave. These shots were taken with one of three cameras- our waterproof Pentax, our Rebel T1i, or my iPhone- so please bear with the picture quality on some of them.


Our 5-month-old niece Emma has the most gorgeous baby blues and a penetrating stare.


She also took to water like a fish. Here she is with her mom and dad, my sister Steph and her husband Nate, giggling as I took her picture.


Kev and I really enjoyed getting to get our bikes out of hibernation and take them for a ride in Dogwood Canyon. We’re not just posing by a rockface… there’s a waterfall in the upper right corner. If you squint, you can almost make it out.


Dogwood Canyon was full of frigid spring-fed, trout filled streams spilling over both natural and “man assisted” waterfalls. Both shown below were of the natural variety. The first pic may even make our travel photo ledge.


When we weren’t riding bikes, playing tennis, or relaxing by the pool, we were on Tablerock Lake, trying our best to catch it’s inhabitants for our dinner. It was too hot for good fishing, but Kevin did manage to catch three largemouth bass. I decided it was best to let my husband feel manly, so I didn’t catch any fish, only sticks and the occasional bush on the bank. 😉

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! We’ll be back tomorrow with our Pinterest Challenge post (hopefully, fingers crossed).


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