Pedal Pushers

It’s not often you get to see two blogger/engineer/nerds in their natural habitat, but this is about as close as anything.

My sister snapped this shot as we were riding our bikes through Dogwood Canyon here at Big Cedar.  This is another that will likely make our travel photo ledge.

And speaking of travel photo ledge– we hear that the Pinterest Challenge is back in town (and that gets us pretty excited). We’ve already bought the supplies… maybe we’ll have to get started as soon as we get back to Texas!

Are you doing anything for the Pinterest Challenge? Have you started yet? What’s your “natural habitat?”  


4 thoughts on “Pedal Pushers

  1. That’s a great photo for your ledge! Looks like you guys are having a great vacation!

    I can’t do the Pinterest Challenge this time seeing as how it’s like 5 days before my wedding but I must say I’ve completed a ton of Pinterest inspired projects for the wedding so it kind of counts ; ) lol. Can’t wait to see your photo ledge!!

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