Going to Kaboomtown

Happy Day After the 4th of July! I hope you’re not at work this morning and if you are, I’ll sit on this deck, watch the boats go out for the morning and drink an extra cup of coffee for you.

We promised you a picture of fireworks and boy, did we get some amazing shots! I almost want to break our one-picture-a-day-while-on-vacation-rule to share some of them. We used tips from an article Kevin found on yahoo.com that really allowed us to capture some great images.

What we did (using the tips found here):

  • We used our tripod for steadier shots.
  • In manual mode on our DSLR, we set our exposure time to 20 seconds and our F-stop to F14 (it seems counterintuitive to use such a big F-stop in the dark, but it’s explained in the article).
  • We used our 75-300mm telephoto lens to get up close and personal with the fireworks, even from our room balcony.

We hope you had an awesome Independence day!


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