Weathering the Weather

It’s been a while since we posted an update on our little garden (you can catch up here and here). Times have been tough for the Little House garden; it’s (mostly) survived a hail storm of epic proportions (more on that here) and the Texas summer heat (it’s going to top out at 107 F today).

Way back in mid-May we were here, looking green and neat and tidy:

Today, the Little Garden is looking a little wild and haggard.

We lost two of the gutters in the hail storm. Thankfully, they didn’t do much damage to anything when they fell. We’ve learned our lesson and will be using longer screws when we reattach them this fall for our second go-round.

The yellow straightneck squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes are going to town. The squash is threatening to take over the entire left side of the garden and the tomatoes are a legitimate five feet tall (even post hail storm).

Our three little peppers really took a beating from the hail, but seem to be coming out of it. The jalapeno even has three little babies on it!

Unfortunately, we lost the peas. I think it was just too hot for them. The were looking great in mid April when the temps were still in the low 80s, but as we started to creep towards the 90s and eventually the 100s, the started to look pale. Nothing could save them. Oh well, we’ll try again this fall!


The garden is in serious need of some dead leaf removal (again, from the hail storm) and a little light weeding. I plan on getting on that as soon as we get back from our trip to Missouri next week.

How are your gardens doing? Have you been able to eat any of the fruits of your labor yet? Anyone else battling the weather to keep their little babies alive?

PS. Today is my last day at this job! I feel so blessed to be moving on and thankful for the opportunities this job has given me. Posts may be a little irregular over the coming next few weeks as we go on vacation with my parents and I start a new job. Hang in there though, there’s lots to come from LHBH!



15 thoughts on “Weathering the Weather

  1. Oh no! I can’t believe you guys got hail in the first place (so crazy!) but thank goodness most of the plants survived! Maybe the peas will do better in the Fall!

    Have fun in Missouri and woohoo for your last day of work!! 🙂

  2. Aw, stupid hail! I can’t believe how crazy some of that stuff is growing, though. That’s awesome! Have a fun trip and good luck with the new job, how exciting!

  3. Sorry the hail took out some of your garden. It still looks pretty great though! Good luck with starting your new job and I’ll be here to read what you have time to post! Enjoy your vacation!!

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