Putting the Cart before the Kitchen

There’s a gaping hole in our kitchen, a missing tooth in a bank of pearly white cabinets. The previous homeowner left it empty, he said, to give him a place to pull up a stool and have breakfast. To us, however, it’s just wasted space. See it there next to the sink?

We’ve been noodling on what to put in the space since we moved in. Ideally, we’d prefer to add another cabinet to give us more storage, but the opening is an odd size and we’d have to have it custom made by Ikea. We’ve tried keeping both the trash can and the litter box there, but neither really worked.

When we were at Ikea a few weekends ago, we stumbled across this butcher block kitchen cart (we say stumbled because our Ikea is in the midst of a renovation and the entire store was crammed onto the second floor). We weren’t entirely sure were it would fit in the opening, but at only $59 we decided to give it a try.

Like most Ikea furniture, it was really easy to put together. We used the drill in lieu of a screwdriver and she went together in a snap.

Because we want to use the top as a cutting board, we treated it with mineral oil (you can find this at any pharmacy). Simply apply it evenly with a cloth; it will both bring out the natural tones in the wood and help to protect it from stains and water damage.  We did several applications (over a few days) this first time because the wood really drank up the oil. This is also how we regularly treat our butcher block counters.

The cart fits perfectly into the empty space and provides us with some much needed storage of some of our bigger items (like my tagine and heirloom crockery).

We intend to moved the wheeled legs around so that both wheels are on the backside and we can slide it out for more convenient use.

Have you made any impulse buys that turned out well lately? Are your trips to Ikea as much a pilgrimage as ours? Can you believe how perfectly the carts fits in the opening?


7 thoughts on “Putting the Cart before the Kitchen

  1. Wow! You guys definitely got lucky with that fit! It looks like it was made for there! We purchased roller blinds for our front window from IKEA and I totally guessed on the size- I lucked out too and it was a perfect fit for each window pane. Love it when it works out like that!

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